How to kick your own butt?

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I'm procrastinating, its nearly midnight & I've done & achieving nothing for the day. Not only today but since I left my job I'm having an undeserving and unprofitable (I think there's another word to describe this but my brain left the job too) holiday. And its been weeks, like I'm playing chess with myself & wondering is it okay for me to kill the Queen or not.

So needed a little inspirations here. How do you get yourself out of a slum & actually do something? Especially if its involve building an online business where the computer seems to be your personal Darth Vader. (Calling you to the dark side instead of doing something meaningful)

Or just about anything on how to get yourself going? :confused::confused::confused:

Seriously asking here, been reading online fiction for the last 5 hours & actually forgotten I'm suppose to eat.

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    I know very much how you feel - and I haven't found a real solution myself, yet.

    There are several approaches I want to take - maybe install RescueTime and give that a try, or something like ActionEnforcer I've heard of.

    But maybe it's also just best to get a buddy that will hold you accountable

    Ultimately it's my bank account that gets me moving everytime <gg> When it's positive, I'm all relaxed, but once it's negative I work all night. Maybe I should transfer the money to a second account so it always stays negative?

    Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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    Pick one thing you want to accomplish in your business tomorrow.....just doesn't even have to be a large task. Read a business related article, start your business plan, organize your workspace.......just something you know you can do.

    The next day....pick two things......then three....then four....before you know it your habits have changed and you're working all day.

    It works for me!
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    Hi Tashi & Jacq, thanks for the tips. Installed Rescue Time & let it roll for a while. (Ha ha..I've got so much entertainment.) & picking what I need to do for the day. Maybe something is pulling me down. I think I know what it is just trying to figure out how to solve it.
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    You have to light your own fire. You either do something that leads you toward success or you fail. Pick one. There are no other choices.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Originally Posted by Jacqontheweb View Post

    Seriously asking here, been reading online fiction for the last 5 hours & actually forgotten I'm suppose to eat.

    Gee, yur avatar looks like you ARE eating!

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      Working alone on the internet sucks for me. I have been in the personal service industry since 1984, working one on one with my customers and I like doing that. Now as I approach retirement I am doing some IM and having a hard time motivating myself on a daily basis to do the things I should be doing. Damn shiney objects are always popping up. WF included. I've tried the "short list" approach where you list 3 things you have to do for the day but too many times that one unpleasant task still gets put off for another day.
      I know what motivates me and that is responsibility to other people. Not projects or personal dead lines, I need other people. I know that when someone else is depending on me I am 100% more motivated.
      So... I am trying to put together locally a small team of people who want to make a few $$ online. Just 3 or 4 others nothing big and yes, just a few dollars a project. We can rinse and repeat and hold each other responsible for our tasks.
      Even one partner might do the trick.
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      Originally Posted by seasoned View Post

      Gee, yur avatar looks like you ARE eating!

      :p I was eating. A famous noodle from my hometown in East Malaysia, Borneo.

      To all you guys, thanks for the sharing & inspiration. You guys rocks!
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    I get edgy sitting in front of the computer 24/7 and when I start to get unable to want to do anything, it just keeps getting worse. I will tell myself I have to quit playing and get to work, but can't make myself budge -- so. When I get demotivated I shut the computer off and go out for a hike or some rockhounding. A couple of hours of being out and around and I am ready to get back to it.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    It is a good question that you pose. I think all of us struggle with self-discipline in our lives. I certainly do. There is no one that can make you take the action but yourself. You could try negative motivation (think of all you will lose if you DONT take action.) This sometimes works. Or put yourself on a schedule.
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    yes that a real problem that anyone needs to find solution. Self control and discipline is needed here.
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    I split my day in 2 and choose only the most important 2 things to accomplish and make sure I finish both of them

    and don't try to multitask... multitasking is for your PC only
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