Guess what I'm having for lunch today?

by garyv 13 replies

OH YEAH! - Fresh from the garden today.... yum!
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    There are few things that move me to envy - but home grown tomatoes will do it every time. I'm hoping the soil here will take some plants because next spring, they are getting planted.

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    thats a tomato.. lol.. i honestly thoughts thats a cherry.. :-p

    should have worn my glasses more frequently :-p
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      Originally Posted by Suthan M View Post

      thats a tomato.. lol.. i honestly thoughts thats a cherry.. :-p

      should have worn my glasses more frequently :-p

      Actually, you're kind of right - These are (well were - I ate them already) cherry tomatoes.

      Looks like I have a couple dozen more that will be ready by tomorrow though, along w/ a couple of Jalapenos - I'm thinking Salsa for lunch tomorrow! Yum.
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    Ok, that did it. Now I am hungry, those subway cookies that I had earlier just did not do it for me
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    A little blue cheese dressing.
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    Gary, your thread title says to guess, but then you give the answer away!

    ...and I was going to guess a spam sandwich.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    goo for you i've got eggplants n my back yard, but it's not time t pick them
    guess i'll settle for instant noodles....
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  • There's Only Two Things that Money can't Buy - And that's True Love, and Homegrown Tomatoes!
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    They don't look like they're ripe yet?!
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    haha nice stuff, my uncle also has tomatoes in his garden

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    Hi Garyv,

    Zone 5 gardener here. It's been the first year that I've taken interest in cherry tomatoes and I found that I love them.

    I'll share a couple of recipes that I love to use with my little tomatoes:

    Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes with Garlic and Basil Recipe -

    slow-roasted tomatoes | smitten kitchen

    I made that second one tonight. I stored them in the refrigerator in olive oil and I'll use them to put on pizza or sandwiches.

    Cherry Tomatoes rule!


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