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Back when I first started building websites by hand (I didn't know about WYSIWYG until after coffee cup) I was fascinated by flash designs and that whole side of the internet. One of my first websites I built was called "Unit 2 - Gallery Of Web Design" and I put a lot of effort into building (what I thought at the time was) a really cool website.

I would spend hours clicking on all the links in flash web design contests to see the latest and amazing ways people could make my browser dance. I can remember being amazed many times and occasional moved. Some of those designs were stunning and I know flash is "bad" for SEO but I sure am glad for it anyway.

I'm sure you all caught yesterday's Google doodle with the digital puppetry celebrating Jim Hensen (you tube it) but I spent a lot of time playing with it and being amused and delighted at the doodles features (not all are immediately apparent).

Another one of Google's all time greatest doodle was Les Paul's 96th Birthday doodle. I got the surprise of the year when my mouse accidentally moved across it and the strings strummed! Apparently there are keyboard combinations that played chords and everything.

Les Paul's 96th Birthday

I also remember once I was at a website years ago that had a cool little flash logo that when I waved my mouse over it made a bleep bleep sound. I loved it and would actually go back and visit it just to play with the bleeping logo. This must have stick-ability interest because I'm sure it taps into the fun side of life and we all need a bit of that while we push our way through this IM jungle.

When visiting these flash sites it's best to click F11 (windows) to set your browser to full screen. Here's a few to get started...

Some say Mono*crafts is where "it" all started. This is an amazing site and if you want to relax for a while go to...


One that was stunning back in 2002 and still exists is David Garry Studios site (tip: click on everything!).

DGS 2010

DGS 2010

Just do a search for Amazing/incredible/awards Flash Design...etc You'll find heaps of sites to take your mind off work for a break.

So I wanted to start a thread devoted to the cooler side of the net. It was back in 1996 when I built the Gallery Of Web Design (now only exists at the Way Back Machine) so I can't imagine what those flash designers have been up to.

If you know of any really good ones let's see if we can build a gallery devoted a little to the joy of the internet.
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