Hi Everyone :) - I just joined too!!

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I just joined and posted a new thread but nobody replied to my thread don't you welcome new warrior's.

Plz check my previous post & kindly reply.

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    Welcome aboard to you too!
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    Maybe it's because it has been less than an hour since you posted your first post?

    Or because your first two posts here were to ask someone to tell you how to succeed?

    And I'm sure that scolding us for not welcoming a new member is really going to make us jump.

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    Thx for the reply ....and this is what i have written in my previous post :-
    Dear Warriors,
    I am new to this forum & looking for someone who can guide me the right way to sucess to make lots of money online someone who can be helpful, a friend & above all a true human being.
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    It seems that warrior's are too buzy ....no one replies....
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    U can skype me... if u want to...
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    Hello Rocky, welcome to our community. Hope you will enjoy here.
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    Hey Rocky, Welcome to the warrior community. We have tons of threads that you would surely enjoy reading and learn from it as well, feel free to check out the threads. If you have problems or concerns, just post about it and I'm pretty sure there would be warriors out there who would be happy to give a helping hand.

    Cheers mate and enjoy. :-)
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