Saying a huge HELLO as a newbie - first post!!

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Hi everyone,

I've been browsing this forum for God knows how long and I thought it was time to dive in and meet you people, share some ideas and learn A LOT, I'm sure!!

So I can't wait to get stuck in and a huge HELLO!

Also, a massive THANK YOU for all the help and advice I've already read here!

Okay, enough of the unnecessary upper-case words, Andrew...

So, see you around, and greetings from sunny England (a surprise, for September)!!

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    Hello Andy and welcome to the forum. This is a great place. Enjoy!
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    Hi Andy, welcome to the Warriors.

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    I thought newbies like myself (which I am really not) can not start a thread? I am kinda frustrated when I want to send a PM to someone who has offered something when I only have 10 posts or so. Does anyone have suggestions? Been on here way over a year...changed emails and now can't get a PM sent. Would love the help. Thanks, and welcome!
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    And a huge


    right back at you!

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    @won2one - hey! Perhaps we newbies are only allowed to start threads in certain sections of the forum?

    I'm literally gonna go and read all the "sticky" posts with rules and regs right now, just to get a feel of actually being a member here.

    See you around in cyberspace!


    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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    Hey keepgoin,

    warm welcome to Warrior Forum! I also joined recently and I am loving this place Quick tip: I HIGHLY recommend you in investing in the "War Room" section. It requires a one-time fee but once you get there - you'll know why so many top marketers around the forum are part of it and never looked back!

    I wish you the absolute best here and look forward to seeing you around.

    - Patty
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    Indeed! This is a great place to learn!

    Note: Beware of "link-drop-only" posters who consider themselves expert but nothing except from pure champion's stuff!

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    hello, welcome at WF forum and enjoy your stay !

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    hi andy, welcome to the community of warriors
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    Welcome to the forum Andy. Great to see members as seemingly cheerful as yourself joining the community.
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of information here.
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    howdey andy,
    welcome to the forum
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    hi andy
    glad you joined the team
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    Thanks ALL you guys - Wow, great welcome!

    I just tried to post a reply to a useful thread about AWeber, but it said I didn't have enough posts here yet - I think it said I needed 20 posts before I could post there.

    I totally understand it's about stopping spammers and abusers - I guess I'll just have to write valuable content elsewhere! ;-)

    So I'm about to start with some niche sites - just gathering my thoughts, ideas and funds before going for it. I've read so much and taken a lot onboard, and I'm prepared for the long road ahead. It's fascinating to read the differing opinions and the fact that some things work for some people and not others. I'm prepared for my fair share of failures of course, but I'll be working hard to do great original content, on-page SEO and backlinking. I'm on a limited budget so I'll be writing content myself to start with. I'm considering getting help for the first backlink-effort.

    Actually I'm thinking of sharing my experiences here (and getting tips along the way, hehe) - I'm sure this has been done many times, but it may be useful to others if I document my progress. Hey, maybe it'll be good for me to document my progress, to carry on learning, even if no-one else is interested?! :-)

    Okay, take care all,


    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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