UFC: Who can beat Jon 'Bones' Jones?

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Jon 'Bones' Jones has decisively beaten every opponent he's faced. His total domination and TKO of Mauricio Rua was shocking, as was his one-sided victory over Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson. He's leaving world-calibre opponents behind like sprinter Usain Bolt, even making them look slow. Who, if anybody, do you think can beat Jon 'Bones' Jones?
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    I think in the present time, no one can beat Jon "bones" Jones. This is his era. As you can see, he has already beaten some of the biggest names in his weight division like Shogun, Vera, and recently Rampage.

    So in my own opinion, I think no one can beat Jones at this time. Even Machida is not a big threat for him.

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    The is the era of the athlete, not just the technician and Jones is both. Like GSP, these guys can beat you in running, jumping, strength training and fighting.

    Rampage had state of the art everything in his training camp and it was till no match.

    Jones has to be careful that he doesn't fall into the trap of getting stale. That's the cyle. Fighters don't change and then their film gets studied and then they get beat.
    GSP is constantly changng up to avoid this.

    We should see some exciting fights in the months come.

    -Stack Bundles.
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    Yeah, I've seen GSP fighting with different styles. Regarding to Jones, he is still a young fighter and he will also learn it over the years.

    But I agree to you Stack. He must be aware of it before he realizes that his fighting style is already studied.

    I've already seen a sign in his recent fight against Rampage. I think the things that favor Jones were his height and reach. His style was anticipated by Rampage.
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      Love his style and he is one of my fav fighters. As to who can beat him potentially anyone, all it takes is one peach of a punch to the chin, just gotta get past that reach of his
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    Anderson Silva would have a pretty good shot of winning a fight with Jones.
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    Jon Bones Jones is unreal. I was more impressed with the victory over Rua because Mauricio in my opinion is a more complete fighter than rampage. Jones completely overwhelmed and destroyed Rua, even though I knew he would win that fight I wasn't expecting such domination.

    The best fighter in the sport is still Anderson "The Spider" Silva. The guy is like 36 years old and still dominates a very competitive weight class. I put Jones as the second best fighter over GSP. The last couple of fights GSP has had have been victories but not huge wins.

    Goes without saying that Jones has the most upside due to his youth and we may be looking at who will become the best overall fighter in the history of the sport. This kid has it all.
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