The End Is Nigh... Unless You Think Like This Guy!

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Are you ready guys? Do you have your plan?

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Goldman Rules The World" - YouTube
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    That's pretty dramatic. If the EURO collapses, which this trader believes it will, the big banks are going to be in a lot of trouble. My plan is to buy index funds from the material and oil sector. I did that during the 2008 downturn and it worked out very well for me.
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      Yeah, interesting stuff. I usually take it all with a grain of salt but looking back at the past 5 years it seems like anything can happen..
      I'm a web developer and iOS app developer - I'll make you a website or app!
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    Are people like this not the reason we are in this bull s&*$??!?!?!?
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    This is a game, there must be someone in the back
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    well Stansberry Associates have been predicting the collapse of the USD since the start of 2011 and this Eurozone problem is only adding to the pressure. The ultimate problem will be runaway inflation and massive unemployment (according to them). The doomsday scenario comes when China, Russia and the Gulf States cease to accept the USD in payment. Then the US will be screwed

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    The end has been nigh for so long now that people have stopped caring; it's pretty difficult to get worked-up about being told you're doomed, when that's what you've been told again and again... every single day... for years on end.
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    The problem is "What if it happens?" when you least expect it, that is. Well, I think they will come up with another thing similar to the EURO.
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    Im glad somebody said it ...yea the money guys rule the world, plans are already in place for this sort of thing to be profited from, the euro is a frightening prospect and most countries that are part of it face collapse, when will bankers stop getting bonuses for failing? i never got a bonus for causing a right pigs ear of anything!
    they were giving mortgages, credit cards and loans away at stupid rates to people who couldn't afford them anyhow and spending went through the roof !
    and yea Thomas i agree were told again and again.
    a terrified country is one to control, as your man said there fear is a good way to control people easily
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      Very smart dude. He is echoing what I heard U.S. traders say for the past two weeks - they are moving into cash. They have increased their cash positions - and I noticed it because so many of the big traders mentioned it in different interviews and venues.

      I'm no market expert at all but even I can see at some point you can't keep propping up debt - at some point you have to write it down or write it off. That carries it's own problems for economies globally.

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        Investors are withholding perhaps as much as $2 trillion in cash, just waiting for another crash as in 2008.
        This is when fortunes will be made - again.
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