4 Hours Left to use your Borders Gift Cards

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Although the chance to get big clearance price discounts in the stores in gone , all the stores are closed, you can still make online purchases with your gift cards left over from previous Christmases at borders.com.

All cards become worthless at 10:30 PM E.S.T. on Tues. Sep 27.

I had an $8.28 balance left, enough to get a $3.99 book with $3.95 shipping.
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    end of an era... I think I may have a few of these around the house, thanks for the heads up.
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    Border is GONE. 8( It was my new favorite store! I first found out about it like 20 years ago. Seriously! They were CHEAPER and often nicer than B&N, and had a FAR better selection than B. Dalton. I would sometimes go over 30 miles out of my way to go to one. 8( Isn't it bad enough that th borders store that is near my new home, that helped ENCOURAGE me to move, has closed? 8(

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