What would you like in an SEO research software?

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Hi guys,

Okay so i decided to create a software that aids in the SEO research process.

I am working with my software programmer on this, and i would like to hear some opinions on what i am integrating into this software, and also what you SEO guys might want in an seo research software.

Now this is not a SEO backlinking auto spam software, i personally dont really support software in terms of doing the actual off page SEO work.
But by all means do them if you want. But this is not what its about.

This software only aids the keyword research part. Keyword research is a very important process as SEO experts always say. Its like a buildings foundation. Do it wrong and the whole building will collapse in future and u waste ur time and money and effort. And most importantly demoralizing you.

So what this software does is basically it automatically does all the research on keywords, it will be programmed to go through the steps that i would have done if i am doing the research. Also i have paid a few SEO consultants from local corporate companies to hear a variety of views and opinions about this. So i have collated holistic way of doing SEO kw research

Of cause i will be explaining how and what the steps are, its good to know what the software is doing in the background too.

Correct me if im wrong, but so far i have seen softwares that are related to kw research for SEO all being manual research. Dont get me wrong, they are good ones out there like market samurai. But still you have to manually know how to read the data, know what to do with the data, know how to use the software to get the data you want, know what data u need to get and so on.

Its like in the old days most work are done with manual labour, then slowly machines are involved, but the early machines need people to work them, so its still in a way manual labour but it is aided by machines, what my software does is that it does all the research BUT u still have to put the keyword in and press go. Thats all.

So in a nut shell, so far what i intend the software to be is this, you put in the main keyword or niche that you are in, ie: weight loss. Then you hit "go" the software will go through all the steps and consider all the different factors and do a calculation. Giving you a score at the end with all the other datas that were used in the calculations for reference, but the score is basically for you to look at it at a glance and roughly estimate how easy this keyword will be when ranking.
It does give you other kws too, not just the main ones, it will include all the other long tail and etc. It will show you which EMDs are available too and which extentions if the .com is taken.

I am sorry for being long winded. I usually am. I want to give as much as possible.

So go ahead and tell me your opinion and what u want in a seo research software.

Looking forward to see all your valuable comments. =)

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