My Dilema;continue being a PIMP or IM? what would you do?

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I have been running an Escort Service for the last 4 years and I want OUT!! Its a great business for making money but it's also 24/7 and I'm getting tirrrrrrrrrrreeeed.

I have signed up for one IM thing but does anyone have advice.
can a person really make money on the internet?
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    Sell your list of clients to another agency and then spend the time to research a different IM besides that craptastic one that's in your sig (the search feature is awesome here).
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      Thanks Teresa..... do you know about this 'craptastic'(great word by the way! I like it ) Im thing in my signature.... cause I can get my money back . I just didn't know where to start and this one was sent to me.
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    There's a massive thread about MMM here:

    From reading just a bit of it the consensus seems to be it's not the best. Have a read yourself - ultimately it is your decision ofcourse. If you chose to go another route, well you've found the perfect forum to help guide you in the right direction.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
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    I didn't click on the link in your sig, but if it doesn't go to your site, you need to review the forum rules.

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    Yes, YOU can make money online. And if you have done Escort service for a real long time then you might have found your niche already... The Sex niche..which is arguably one of the highest profiting niches in internet marketing.

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    By the way, I just remembered, you can actually do an online pimping service, that's one good way to expand your existing PIMPin business. Imagine the number of clients you can get online!

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