Norton Calling Facebook "Fraudulent"!

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Norton is blocking Facebook via Firefox.

The error says Facebook is a "fraudulent site."

This is probably true.

I don't get the same error using Chrome.

Time to make the change to Chrome, but the current version of Norton doesn't support Chrome in regards to security.

Norton says its new upcoming version 6 will include Chrome integration.
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    i had the same problem when i was using facebook tonight. i was about to view someones profile and got a page flash up "fraudulent site". i contacted norton and explained the problem and they was very aware of this issue. they said they have their tech guys working on it as we speak. it was a error made in the updates they have sent out and a new update should be reaching everyone in the next few hours or so.

    with paying customers spending good money on their service you would think they wouldnt do errors like this!

    but thinking about it more its a good job it blocked a site rather then allowing a site that could be infected with a virus/ fraudulent!

    mine is now running fine and its only been 30 mins since ive spoke to them.

    im running the norton 360 gold on version 4., have the option to go 5. but i dont like the layout. so im sticking with the 4.
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    I always found Norton to be a resource hog and not particularly good at protecting Windows. I punted on Windows a few years ago, after Norton let through something that turned two of my family's PCs into useless lumps of plastic and metal that shut themselves off as soon as they finished power-on self-test. I do use Windows occasionally under VMware on a Mac, but I use the free Microsoft anti-malware software, which seems to be more effective and efficient.


    I'm a Board Certified Hypnotist. I know about communicating with the human mind.

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    Two-Facebook - eh. whatever.

    However I am concerned in that I have Norton Security Suite on my PC (compliments of my ISP, Comcast) and I would think it is working for anything on my machine.

    I use Chrome most of the time -

    So what exactly do you mean that it doesn't support Chrome in 'regards to security'? What is Norton for if not Security????

    I really hate FireFox so I hope I am not going to be forced to be nagged to death by NoScript just so Norton will work???

    p.s. I wonder why when I use Chrome to download files, a little box comes up from Norton saying the file is safe.
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