Baby thinks Magazine works like an iPad...

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    Lol! this is just so cute.
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      Kids. They have got it too easy nowadays. Touching magazines and expecting things to move!
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    Originally Posted by MoneyMagnetMagnate View Post

    "So rather than be amazed at all the things an iPad can do, this child is confounded by what a paper magazine cannot do. Makes sense, right?"

    hahaha, very funny
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    My 5 year old grandson knows his way around a computer, he gets his games and plays online abc kids he plays on paint and prints out his wonderful creations running out the ink and paper
    But then yesterday he pushed the mouse away and said I'm over this Mum read my book with me.

    I believe sometimes when they start young they get bored with it and just want some human interaction.

    What do you think?
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    Funny but a bit sad at the same time, new generations being exposed to technology from day one...
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