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by JC Web
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Hey, I couldn't find an appropriate place to ask this - like a feedback or support thread - so thought I would ask here. I keep getting "503 Service Unavailable" errors when I try to read threads on Warrior Forum. This happens approximately 75% of the time that I click on a thread but it seems random which threads it happens in - can be in any section and posts of any age.

Is anyone else having this problem? I assumed it was a site-wide problem but then I noticed that post reply count will still increase on threads that I cannot access, so obviously others are able to access them. Reloading the page does not help nor does waiting and trying again later. This has been happening for about a week but I don't know what day it started. I'm not having trouble with any other website or with my internet connection. Any ideas?
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    That's normally a Firefox issue, I think. It's normally resolved simply by logging out of the forum, and back in again.
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    Thanks Alexa. Ironically, I couldn't access this very thread to see what you replied but I was subscribed to it so got an email. After reading your reply in the email I opened up Internet Explorer, which I avoid at all costs, and could access this thread.

    So, it does seem to be a Firefox issue since i still cannot access it in that browser. Unfortunately, logging out and back in did not change anything. I also cleared the cache, logged out and then closed the browser, reopened it and logged back in and that did not help either. I cleared cookies and even reset my password so that my login would be new, but still the same.

    So I will keep looking for a solution since I much prefer to use Firefox, but at least I know I can access the forum now. Thank you for your help.
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