MayWeather VS Pacquiao

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Now that Pacquiao all most lost the other night do you think MayWeather will step up and wanna fight? and if so who will win?
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    They could split over 100 million.

    I think Mayweather will win but I believe at least 2 fights are in the cards and the Pacman is very capable of beating Mayweather.

    All The Best!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Originally Posted by TLTheLiberator View Post


      They could split over 100 million.

      I think Mayweather will win but I believe at least 2 fights are in the cards and the Pacman is very capable of beating Mayweather.

      All The Best!!


      I am a Filipino, but I must admit that Pacquiao will surely have a hard time in fighting Mayeather. After I watched the Pacman - Marquez fight, I had a doubt if Pacquiao could beat Mayweather.

      But still I'd go for Pac.

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    I don't like Mayweather one bit, so I'll be pulling for Pacman if the fight happens. However, the fight with Marquez, whom I thought won the fight, left me with serious doubts about Pacman. I was disappointed. MAybe Marquez is just a bad "match-up" for Pacquiao and he'd do better against Mayweather?
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    I'm a fan of Pacman. It really was a very disappointing fight against Marquez for Pacman's fans. I don't want to take away the great performance put on by a great warrior, Marquez; but it is possible that that's what they both wanted the fight to end with so that Mayweather will eventually get out of his fear and decide to fight against Pacman.

    If the fight between those two champs takes place, it will definitely be one of the most biggest events and biggest fights of the boxing history.

    As they say, style makes the fight, probably Pacman will perform better against bigger and better fighter like Mayweather.

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    I don't think that it makes a difference whether Pac won big or barely. That wasn't the issue. He wasn't fearing Pac, it was a money issue and logistics and I'm sure that some was pandering, trying to make it bigger in the future.

    I think Mayweather would win. Thought that before this last Pac fight. Mayweather, imo, only acts like a bad guy because every sport needs that sort of persona. Just like every movie and action/drama show needs a bad guy antagonist as well. I bet he's not really that way in private all the time. I respect his game/talent and think he's the best fighter. I know I'm in the minority, but that's just my opinion.
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      well i have to say i do like MayWeather and i also like Pacquiao, I think they are both great fighters but MayWeather does run his mouth a lot when he is performing and when he is not performing. But That's what the fans love about him that he can say what ever he wants about or to people because he has not gotten beaten yet i just hope when him and Pac-Man fight that it's worth the time and money we are going to pay to watch it.

      I wanna Thank all of you for leaving commits if you have more inputs just write it Thanks Again.

      Destiny B.
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    Mayweather has the necessary tools to beat Pacquiao, but if Pacquiao does catch him with a good right hook or uppercut, then we will see how good Mayweather's chin is now.

    Remember both guys are getting older, and sadly like "The Greatest" and the late lamented "Smokin Joe" Frasier, they will have to retire, so I say let's get this fight on and not bother about all the showboating and politics, get them in the ring and slug it out.

    This is how it was sorted in the true giants of boxing's era.
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    Had to chime in on my filipino brother. but Yeah, it was too close for comfort I agree! hrm... time to figure out what he's made of.

    I still think he's too chicken to fight though...

    Power Overwhelming

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    everybody has a bad day, hopefully manny will put up a good show n surprise everyone!
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      All I know is my Pacquiao friends will never shut up about him. Maybe if he loses they will shut up for once.
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    A master boxer verses a relentless whirling dervish.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Bob Arum is being...well...Bob Arum. There is talk of a fourth fight between Manny and Marquez, which in my view would be a mistake.

    They could possibly blow the whole thing. He did (Pac) have a rematch clause.

    Megafight Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr

    Ricky Hatton thinks Floyd will win. (He lost his only two to both)

    Ricky Hattons take on the fight

    Personally I think the fight will happen...too much money for all.

    Much may depend on Floyd's court hearings coming up...

    I like Pacman...having lived in the Philippines for six years myself (although not Mindanao) ...he indeed, I'm sure, makes his countrymen proud..the last world champ from PI at this level (that I can think of) was 'Flash' Elorde. Who still holds the junior lightweight division record for longest title reign.

    But I also like Floyd in some ways...not only is he probably the best defensive/counter-puncher, maybe ever....

    but some of the bluster is just that, showmanship.

    One thing I always remember about Floyd, was after the Gatti (RIP) fight...which he never should have taken, (he was a tough guy, Bless him) but wasn't in Floyds class of fighter.

    Anyway after the fight Floyd had his (maybe 6 year old) son with him in his arms in the ring, and his son started telling Gatti he was a bad guy...and Floyd much to his credit stopped everything to tell his son to have respect and that it was just a game...and that's the way I prefer to to think of Mayweather. I saw this live, not read it, and I give Floyd credit for that, for sure.

    So hopefully, despite all the 'smoke blowin'

    Lets get READY TO RUMBLE.
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    Hopefully he comes out looking for a real fight..

    Floyd gets a ninety count.

    At least he got them down to misdemeanors, might cool his ego jets a little too
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