The most dangerous color for an automobile is...

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Before you read take a guess. You may be surprised at the research.

Most Dangerous Colours for Your Car - Yahoo! Autos Canada
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  • Pink? Pink is second safest? :p

    Who in the heck but a Mary K cosmetics distributor, would drive a pink car? :rolleyes:
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      Originally Posted by MoneyMagnetMagnate View Post

      Pink? Pink is second safest? :p

      Who in the heck but a Mary K cosmetics distributor, would drive a pink car? :rolleyes:
      GOOD POINT! A BIG PINK CAR! OF COURSE it is safe! And it is BIG, so it is safe in every way! Generally driven by women for business as their bread and butter, that they worked HARD to get, so they will be CAREFUL!

      BTW I would have thought red would be the SAFEST! Of course, safest *****MUST***** be relative! Insurance companies HATE red! WHY? Because guys that are fast drivers think it is jazzy and select it for even SPORTS cars! My RED VW lasted 20 years, and the person I sold it to said it looked BRAND NEW! Outside of the time some jerk ripped my fender off, NO DAMAGE!

      My mother was in LOADS of accidents! The car SHE was in? CREME, WHITE, YELLOW, and kind of a brownish tan! YEAH, she totalled ALL of them as I recall! VW BUG, DODGE COLT, Pontiac sunfire(IIRC), TOYOTA CORROLLA(IIRC). So the insurance companies said she was safer on five counts!

      1. female
      2. not a teenager
      3. Safe cars
      4. Not sports cars
      5. Light colors!

      BTW I have been 3 main cars

      1. 1983 isuzu impulse, blue. I drove it about 8 years. The seats were starting to show the age, and it blew a gasket.
      2. 1991 VW jetta, red. I drove it about 14 years. t appeared to have blown a gasket, but apparently was ok.
      3. 2001 olds alero. I have driven it about 8 years, and it still runs fine.

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    They say black is the most dangerous color for a car, and from experience I believe it. I've had quite a few cars, and only one black one. It was hit numerous times by people in broad daylight. I don't really understand it, as I have no trouble seeing black cars when I'm driving. But apparently if someone isn't paying close attention, it's easier to space out on a black object.
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