Best site when you are bored?

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i like blogger network ,youtube vidz
they have interesting pictures and some funny stuff.

What about you ?
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    I like YouTube when i'm bored, so many entertaining videos to watch I also like to play free flash games on
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    youtube, kongregate, espn are the top 3 sites I visit when I'm bored
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    1)Youtube 2)CNN 3)Wiki
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  • When bored I watch youtube videos and look for funny comedians doing standup. Or simply look for music videos and share them on FB.

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  • Facebook, baby!
    The-English-Webmistress is really Andrea, who went backpacking the world, accidentally landed in Panama, Central America, and never left. (Beaches! Mountains! Hot latin music! Piña Coladas!) She doesn't miss the London commute AT ALL...
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    Drop by at if you want some funny stuff.
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    I always go to any site that pertains to my hobbies... which are many but at the same time share the unifying attribute that is geekiness minus the influence of academic sciences. (I'm a graduate of the language and literary arts. :p)
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    I usually listen Music, or I shut off the Computer and talk a walk or read a book. Too much surfing leads to information overload.
    The Real Voyage of Discovery Consists not In Seeking New Landscapes but In Having New Eyes ~ Marcel Proust
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    At one time I used to check this site a lot,but this thread may me go there today.
    At one time Red Versus Blue was so popular it had its own domain, but it looks like they are just here now.
    But if you ever played FPSers,then the RVB videos should crack you up.
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      Youtube, Facebook, Myyearbook, Fiverr, and Warrior forum of coarse.
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      • Profile picture of the author drewhowell21 There is something there for literally anyone. I find myself wasting tons of time there. There are also some fairly educational sections of the site. I find myself browsing /r/seo and /r/marketing quite a lot.
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    always Facebook!! second is google
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      I can never understand people who get "bored". I don't think there's enough hours in the day. I type this at 4am. I can't bring myself to watch random YT vids and the like unless the headline grabs me.

      I did watch one of a young lad yesterday though spilling out his heart with notes he'd written up because he was bullied at school and felt lower than low. Nasty stuff.
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    Facebook for socializing, YouTube to catch the latest videos and verydemotivational to get a few laughs.
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    1. Facebook
    2. youtube ...
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    Ha ha ha, funny question. My answer is Facebook, Youtube, Flipkart, Letsbuy and Bodybuilding dot com etc. When i bore then i open and use these sites.
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