Real Reviews Vs. The "No Content" Endorsement

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What has happened to the Warrior Forum???? It used to be you could read a sales page, then read the reviews and you would know right away if you had a product worth purchasing..

Every new product is "push button" this and "auto-pilot" that and everything is "EXTREMELY NEWBIE FRIENDLY" ... how can they all be?

Even the WSO's of the day are starting to lose their appeal.

Now of course, I expect a little bit of fluff in the sales page. That's is the whole point of good copywriting, to get the customers to take action, so I do not blame the creators as much...

I have a problem with how the second something new comes out you have the "RAVE" reviews saying this is the best product ever only to find out it is total crap!

A product review should only come from someone actually USING the product and can post honest results.

I'm tired of the Affiliate plug who has to chime in just to say "I know Mr.X very well and ALL of his products have been the best ever so this is a no brainer".

Am I the only one that thinks this types of posts from affiliates who are obviously pushing the product as well serves absolutely NO purpose???

We see it all day on TV.... "Buy Ben-Gay because Dan Marino says its good" or use ProActiv because now Kim Kardashian uses it.

I dont care how much you like the person and because of that you highly recommend a product you have never even seen.

Lets start weeding out the crap and help build the Warrior Forums Credibility Back

Leave the posts for Q and A and ACTUAL HONEST REVIEWS!
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