Have you watched lost?

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What do you understand about lost's ending? Do you think if the story really completes in the end? I think it has a secret message. Do you really think the great show ends like that?
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    There's an extra episode which attempts to tie things up better.

    .....but doesn't.
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      Has the extra episode been released?
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    I stopped watching after the second season. Luckily it was apparently right before the really crazy stuff started to go down. I like it better that way. It was cool when they were just trying to survive an airplane crash.
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    I will watch it if they have a next episode which will have good reviews
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    Watched all six seasons a few times. The last season is crap though.
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    The whole point of the series was that the man in black was trying to escape off the island. Jacob said that if he were to succeed the world would be in peril. Yet the only way MIB could escape was to lose his powers. As soon as he tried he was immediately shot and killed.

    So why was Jacob so concerned over MIB escaping? I'm guessing poor writing.

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