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husband : I've a problem at office.

Wife : not 'I'.. Its 'WE' we r one nd your problem is my problem too!

Husband : alright.! My secretary is pregnant becus of US
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    Judge: Why Are You Arrested..??
    MAN: For Shopping Early..!!
    Judge: Well., Thats Not A
    Anyway How Early Were You
    ... ... ...Shopping..??
    MAN: Before Opening The
    Shop..! ...:-)

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      Scientists have been trying to fathom for
      yonks now how to spot the difference
      between birds at a distance and finally...

      ...they've worked it out!

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    I came home to find my wife dressed in a really sexy outfit. She said; "Tie me up and do anything you want."

    I couldn't believe my luck. I tied her up and then went down to the pub.
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  • I got a call from my doctor today...he said: I've got some bad news, and some worse news...I'll just come right out and give you the bad news first...the test results came back, and you only have 24 hours left to live...

    I said: What?? Are you kidding? That's the BAD NEWS? What could be WORSE THAN THAT?

    And the doctor said: I forgot to call you yesterday!
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    A chemistry teacher one day decided to teach his class about the dangers of alcohol.

    He thought up a neat little experiment, and showed it to his class.

    He had two glass tumblers, one filled with clean water, and the other with whiskey. He placed a live worm in each glass. The worm in water was perfectly fine, however the worm which was dropped in whiskey died almost instantly.

    Rather pleased with the experiment, he decided to ask the class what they could deduce from it. The class were silent for several seconds, until one boy at the back called out: "Drink whiskey and you won't get worms"
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