Everyone ready for xmas? I still need to buy a few more things.. blah

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I knew I should have just bought all the gifts in advance. I hate having to go and deal with crowds of obnoxious people. So annoying..

Did everyone get their shopping done yet? If so, what kind of stuff did you buy?

I bought a new office chair for myself a few days back (woohoo! lol)

Oh and I also had to buy another new mic, turns out the mic on the webcam that I just bought a few weeks ago just stopped working out of nowhere.. strange, since the cam still works. Sigh.. oh well.

But I still need to buy a few more things before I can officially be done with my shopping.. How about you guys/gals?
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    I just can't wait to see what you got me!

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    I started my Christmas shopping on Sunday. I don't know if it's the same in the US, but here there are Christmas decorations in the shops from October. I get very jaded very fast. So, I leave things to the last minute to add a bit of sparkle and excitement. Mind you, sometimes it's a bit too much excitement as I run out of time and ideas!!
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    I'm ready for New Years! Xmas is a bit too pricey for me to be excited over.
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    I'm about to start now!!! Wish me luck....
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    I have one last trip to the grocery store to do - not looking forward to going to the shops on Christmas eve, I imagine it will be a nightmare!
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      Audrey, I'm in US and some of our stores start with the Christmas stuff very early October, too. I'm not impressed one bit.

      Finished my shopping last night. I hate to wait until the last week, but that's when all the really good sales are available and I've saved a substantial amount of money using coupons and sales. Unfortunately, shopping takes a lot longer when you do it close to Christmas because not only are all the parking lots and stores crowded, but all the goods have been picked over. Fortunately, the stores in my area had plenty of merchandise to choose.

      I got myself a couple things, and between sales and big coupons, it cost me $11 (instead of $40-something).

      Someone also asked me to shop for them, and when you put it on your store charge, you got a $10 coupon this past week for every $50 your spent. Now I have $50 to spend on myself next week so I might say hello to a new coffee pot for free, that is my hope.

      We were among the lucky ones, too, my son bought some things at Best Buy and his stuff was delivered.
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