Tragedy & Testimony - Thank You WF & War Room

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Just a quick note to thank this community. I've hidden in the shadows learning things over a couple years or so. But I've now joined the War Room and am more committed to giving back and helping us all prosper.

Here's what happened: I have a FT IM friend who relocated and put a house on part of my property. In April, his mom called b/c his dad had a major stroke. The next morning he was headed to AZ. I haven't seen him since. In fact, he's permanently re-located to care for family.

But, in that tragedy, here's the testimony: He NEVER gave a second thought about a job... which is really more of a concern about money (most people would quit their job if they had enough money). He had the time and money freedom to be there for his dad, and even help with medical bills. By contrast, his brother is in the military and always needed "permission" to leave, etc.

That first-hand incident revealed to me how valuable the IM lifestyle can be. People may think there's glitz & glam to being an attorney, but let me tell you that his quality of life outpaces mine!

I'm just glad there's a community of folks who can gather 'round the "cyber bonfire" and lend support and so on. I've already been blown away by the help I've received now that I've "pulled the trigger" and jumped in with both feet.

I'd love to hear of others who can attest to untold benefits of working online.

Be blessed over the holidays.


Take care,
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    Thanks for your great WSO offer: "99.7934% DISCOUNT: I.M./Attorney Permits PLAGIARISM of Cut & Paste Legal Forms On His 135+ Websites!". I just received the email about it was trying to purchase but even though there is a graphic saying 1 left at this price it does not work.

    Please advise, I would like to purchase it and possibly the OTO as well after reading it.

    Best regards,

    Eric Salo
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  • I also just received an email for this WSO and find that there is no buy button. Will this reopen? Looks very interesting and it is something I do need.

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    I see the thread is gone. Will you be offering this again.
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    Hi Scott,

    I'm a few days behind on your WSO for the 'cut & paste 'legal forms, and when I go to click the link that someone sent to me, I keep getting this message

    "Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"

    Is this not a product anymore?

    Please let me know.




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    By the time I got round to checking out your WSO it had gone, will you be relaunching it as I know there are many others wondering where it's gone.

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    Originally Posted by lawyer2warrior View Post

    Here's what happened: I have a FT IM friend .... he's permanently re-located to care for family.

    But, in that tragedy, here's the testimony: He NEVER gave a second thought about a job...
    Bingo! Even if you didnt make as much money, you would still be more prosperous.

    I am thankful and can testify to that as well. I can work anywhere I want to... I can be at my daughters one week, at home the next, at a friends another...doesnt matter. I can be wherever I want to be.

    People are even jealous because I can get up and grab my laptop and go anywhere i want to anytime I want to, without hesitation, second thoughts, and without missing a lick. No holds barred, and the good news is that in 2012 ANYONE can follow suit and do the same!

    Thats the true value of being an IM'r or offliner. Freedom, and not being bound to a location or an alarm clock.

    Great epiphany you had there. Thats the kind that really hits home when you see it.

    I was playing music with an uncle the other day and he said "You dont even have to go home monday do you? You can literally work wherever you want is that right"?

    I said "Yup".

    He was amazed at that.
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