Skydiving from the edge of space

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This is awesome.

That is all.
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    Wow! It takes adventure to a whole new level.
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      Yep! Pretty incredible.

      I wonder if there are companies that offer that service? Standing on the edge of the world would make for an interesting afternoon.

      Joe Mobley


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  • Very, very cool...

    But they are going to have to shoot the whole thing over again - from the top (no pun intended).

    They misspelled the word "height" as "hight" in the intro screen...

    Sorry Boys, rules are rules...:p :rolleyes:
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    wow I have a hard drive just convincing myself to go skydiving. Already I have a hard time going into those roller-coasters, I cant even imagine falling from the sky. Now imagine from space.
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    lol Mag.. considering the footage is from 1960, I think its safe to say we'll be waiting for awhile

    @dave, I LOVE roller coasters! cedar point is great, u can literally see the border of canada once you get to the top of the hill on millenium force.

    thats enough to make you say "oh sh*t" - especially once you start going over the top & the other side is so steep that it looks like its actually bending inwards. i think its like a 85 degree angle. INSANE, but also extremely fun!
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    Cedar Point! Oh yeah. Falling from extreme altitudes - no thank you. I went sky diving once. It was the worst experience I've ever had in my life. Just seeing this video makes my insides shrivel.

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    Amazing video. It's very beautiful to watch skydiving but I am scaried to jump...
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