I quit smoking today!

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Been smoking a pack a day for a little over ten years now (started really young) and I haven't had one in 24 hours . I'm not feeling too bad, just sweating a bit and been hacking but besides that not too bad. I hope I can stay strong!
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    Good luck with it! A dirty habit that costs a lot of money!
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    not to mention I have a daughter on the way in may!
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      Good luck jivens. Do it for your daughter!
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    Congrats. A daugther is always a great source of motivation. Mine is.
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    Congrats. I smoked for years, quit for a few months and started back. Hardest thing I have ever tried to do.
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    Good luck! Just happened to see this video yesterday, so here's an inspiration:

    Obama doesn't smoke on White House grounds apparently.

    The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work. - Michael Jackson

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    Congratulations! Stick to it! If you can go 24 hours then you can go 24 more and so on and so on!

    I have been trying to quit over and over and the best I can do is cut down which I have recently - but I just can't make it to cold turkey even with an eCig (nicotine crutch).

    I keep saying if I could go 24 hours that is all I need - hahahah - but I mean it and I swear if I ever beat this I will never smoke again...

    Keep up the good work!
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      Originally Posted by olalinks View Post

      how could you quit ?
      i tried but everytime i quited, i was ill, so bad.
      I wanna quit but i can't so give me your best idea
      Never quit quitting. I smoked for decades and tried every method known. I don't think there is one method that fits everyone. I used the buddy method. I quit with a friend in my chat room. There was some sort of behavioral decision making in play I can only liken to self induced NLP. Within a day I knew for sure I was never going to smoke again. It was amazing. No withdrawals, no cravings, no bad feelings. I just no longer smoked after all those years. I wish I could just transfer that process to everyone who has tried to quit and failed. I very rarely give smoking a thought anymore but I'm also wary enough to know that with one cigarette I'd be back to a pack and a half a day again instantly.

      When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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    Keep it up! I can't think of better motivation than quitting for a healthier life for you and your expanding family!
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    Packed up for 4 months now.
    It is getting easier now, have been smoking for years so quite pleased with myself.
    Good Luck.
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    congratulations for your daughter.............May you and your family be happy and prosperous
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    good luck to you. Wishes good your health.
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    Good luck with it, take it a day at a time. stay strong!
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    Hey jivens well done and keep going. You will feel better! I stopped 18months ago and apart from piling on pounds and pounds I feel better
    Good luck
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    Good to hear the news . I remember my stubborn father stop smoking after getting heart attack and surgery. So that's great decision you take there.
    Wish You Live Long And Stay Healthy
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      Congrats Jivens,
      Being consistent is necessary. If you will remain away from smoking for at least 2 months then it will be great.
      Best of Luck for the future.
      "If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right" - Henry Ford[B]
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