Anyone else experience a major downer after learning something new?

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I have just gone through two very intensive days of learning how to do Mobile websites. I got it done and got two sites up and running.

I should be thrilled and ecstatic. Instead I am on a complete downer.

It happens to me every time I learn something major and spend a lot of time applying and testing.

Why is that? Am I the only one that experiences that?

Di :rolleyes:
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    Originally Posted by DianaHeuser View Post

    I have just gone through two very intensive days of learning how to do Mobile websites. I got it done and got two sites up and running.

    I should be thrilled and ecstatic. Instead I am on a complete downer.

    It happens to me every time I learn something major and spend a lot of time applying and testing.

    Why is that? Am I the only one that experiences that?

    Di :rolleyes:
    Um..........yeah. I think it might be just you.

    Actually - there's probably a real easy explanation and "cure". Mental work takes a LOT of energy and you may be depleting vitamins etc if you are thinking too hard - serious here, not kidding.

    Try eating a nice big tossed salad with tomatoes and cucumbers (vits, enzymes, minerals) - toss in some sunflower seeds or pepitas, a little cheese and a chopped boiled egg. Then go take a walk and you'll feel that kick coming back.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    I could only guess why you experience a downer, and I hesitate to hazard a guess lest I look like a fool for doing so, so take my guesses with a grain of salt. Two things came to mind immediately.

    1) You've met the challenge and haven't set yourself up with a new challenge. If you're the type of person that thrives on a good challenge, not having one could be a let down.

    2) You've met the challenge and it didn't bring the emotional reward you expected so you feel let down. In this case, you could be looking for an emotional reward in the wrong place since all emotional rewards (happiness, satisfaction, etc.) are generated from within.

    And now you know why psychiatry isn't an Olympic sport -- it isn't for amateurs!

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Actually I think you both may be right. I have so little time available to do this in, that I push really hard. I have been for the last 5 months.

    Sitting at a computer for 6 hours flat until late at night every day is not doing me much good physically.

    Dennis, I think you are possibly right on the last one as well. I think I am waiting for someone to say "Di, that's fantastic! Your'e so clever!"

    Guess I just have to keep reminding myself that the short term sacrifice (although it feels really long at the moment) will pay off and change my life.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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  • If that is the way you feel, learn from that experience!

    Think of creative ways to make it easier, faster, more creative, and more fun!
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    I had a major downer as a child after learning Santa Claus wasn't real.
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    It happens to me every time I learn something new. So I think you're normal
    I agree with Dennis' first suggestion: you've met the challenge and you haven't set a new challenge for yourself. It's just that setting a new challenge at that point in time can be sooo exhausting. Give yourself a holiday and do something nice for you.

    PM me if you want a romantic fiction ghostwriter.

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    Di, you are so clever! Good job! Honestly though, I do think that. You have really applied yourself hardcore to alot of learning in this season it seems. It WILL pay off. Just like Dennis learning to do graphics and being able to start making money with that simple skill (not so simple that "I" can do it yet mind you)... Everything you learn is one more thing that can serve you if you ever need it. You become a stronger more secure entity by adding these things to your arsenal. As far as being let down?

    You are probably just drained from cramming.
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    I thik heysal is right, and I was going to say the same. Sleep, hormones, nutrition, ALL help to make you feel better. It is conceivable that working SO hard could upset the balance and send you toward a kind of depression.

    Frankly HOWEVER, EVENTUALLY, I feel, if I learn something new that earlier seemed a bit out of reach, it makes me HAPPIER, and I'm better able to handle some cases where things don't seem quite so easy.

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    Thanks John for the validation

    Steve, I do feel better about my abilities. In reality, that learning to do those mobile sites has just ramped up my service offering.

    I have four quotes out at customers at the moment, which I sent out yesterday. All four came about because I showed a few people the mobile sites I had done and they got all excited.

    Just one of those need to come through and the work will have paid for itself

    WriterWahm - No time for a holiday but I am going to spoil myself sometime this weekend.


    P.S. Out of the "Thanks" button Steve. I will click it tomorrow
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    Originally Posted by DianaHeuser View Post

    It happens to me every time I learn something major and spend a lot of time applying and testing.

    Why is that? Am I the only one that experiences that?

    Di :rolleyes:
    I'm so glad to hear this isn't just me. Every time I build something new, or start a new campaign, or "learn something major" like you said, it leads to me becoming down and discouraged.

    For me it's as if expanding my horizons makes me think, "...but I don't really want bigger horizons, I want to simplify. I want fewer things to think about. What have I done?"

    Most recently, building my list is distressing me. It's off to a good start, and shows signs of success, but I HATE my list. Talk about bigger horizons. And it means I've only started and have much more to learn.

    Maybe this doesn't match what you feel... but I thank you for giving me an opportunity to comment.

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      Originally Posted by patey88 View Post

      I HATE my list.
      It sounds like each time you learn something new or ad something to your arsenal you feel you are obliging yourself to more accountability, or creating "Obligatory energy" for yourself. More people to answer to...

      Try to remember why you wanted to start it in the first place.

      My first online launch I thought I would make $500 and that thought was cool...Now, today... I feel like crud if a launch doesnt make at least 10 times that... We get spoiled fast dont we?

      Its good to remember where you started when you start hating your work.

      We have to remember our beginnings and work with gratitude. Remember the gratitude you felt for your first subscriber and love your list.

      Gratitude isnt being a humble worm btw... and serving your list is a privilege that you work toward, not an obligation that you should abhor.

      Not scolding by any means, because we all have felt the pressure of answering to our lists, in fact most feel it everyday, but these are not people who pressure you, they are people who love, support and believe in you. You have to remember that.

      Try to reconnect with your love for the people your list, its there.

      Hope this helps.

      Ps. Sometimes you get what I call "F*** You" emails after a mailing, that can make you dread doing a mailing, and start dreading your list...but its a mirage...

      Remember its not that your list is a drag, its just that the people who say that are "aholes".

      Dont hate your list for it.

      As Paul Myers once said to me "You can focus on the 2% minority who seem like jerks so much that you begin to view your whole list that way, then the next thing you know you are CREATING bad people who dont even exist outside of your mind, but thats not healthy... You have to focus on the majority; the 98% who have good intentions".

      Dont treat or "view" the 98% like they are the 2%, most of your list supports you whole heartedly and they are nothing to dread, they are the people who really believe in you and support you!

      I have trained my daughter as my VA, and I tell her after a mailing to just ignore the "f you" emails, they dont deserve a response. We give our energy to the people who really deserve it, and dont let ourselves get jaded by the minority who are not nice.

      Try to reconnect with your love vibe on this one.
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        There is some good advice coming out from this question and it really highlights how different our minds can be when we achieve success yet still treat it almost as a failure.

        I have found that I love the imaginative side of learning and producing new products.
        The downer if you like comes once this has been achieved, as the next part is setting up all the other bits and pieces that will help market your creations and create sales. This does not excite me nearly as much as the creative process.

        I think many people still believe that old adage "BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME" and of course it is a myth online. So much work is needed after the creative process that it can be overwhelming and is often the reason many feel disillusioned or overwhelmed.

        The fact that you have to know so much to truly succeed (unless you outsource) is often why many give up and look elsewhere.

        I found though this does evaluate how well you are suited as a internet marketer, because if you keep coming back for more despite the knock backs and periods of feeling down then you may be made of the right stuff.

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