How To Work On Multiple Computes and Multiple Monitors on one Keyboard and Mouse

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Hello Warriors:

You may have known this already.

But I just found out how to work on multiple computers from one keyboard.

If you have a home network and both computers are on the network.

It is very easy.

Some might use a KVM switch, but if you want to use dual monitors, you will have to pay over $200.

This solution is FREE.

Dual monitors, dual laptops, and the best way to manage them | James Serra's Blog

I am not super technical. I just followed the directions and it worked.

Good luck.

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    I have two computers going that I almost never shut off. Each has duel monitors. The 5th monitor I switch back and forth between the two. Most of the time its on #2 because its the one with the TV tuner and I have it variously tuned to MSNBC, CNN and CNBC. Head phones on one, speakers on the other. It took me ages to work out all the logistics but I finally set the gear up at a 90 degree angle so I only have to swivel my chair a quarter turn. The 5th monitor is up and at the center of the angle. My office helper says it looks like I'm flying a 747 or something but it really works well. One computer is 95% used just to monitor world equity markets, oil, gas, commodities and currencies. If anything requires my attention little chimes go off. I have different chimes assigned to different functions in the software like assigning ringtones on a cell phone. Meanwhile I can do my writing or anything else on #1.
    Everyone sets up according to their needs. I was a one man show around here for so long I got used to keeping all the plates spinning. I'm so glad I learned to work smarter and quit working so hard. I was in danger of major burnout.

    When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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    For anyone here that's on Mac, I found a great solution with


    It's super-simple to configure, allows virtually unlimited computers and monitors, copy/paste between them all, and even file transfers.

    Sometimes I'm running 2 desktops and 1 laptop, so it really comes in handy.

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