How to open a new eBay sellers account?

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eBay recently indefinitely suspended my eBay sellers account. I am looking for tips or advice on opening another account. I'm not interested in black hat stuff. But, for instance, I'm wondering if I can simply open an account in my wife's name? If so, is there anything I should do or not do? For instance, does it matter if I give eBay the same bank account number that I used for my suspended account? What about PayPal? Do I need a new PayPal account or can I use the same one with a new eBay seller's account.

I especially want to hear from folks, like me or who know someone like me, who lost their sellers account but successfully opened up another account.

Yes, I tried begging eBay to restore my account because I feel I did nowhere near anything serious enough to deserve an indefinite suspension. But they assert that the decision is irreversible (some thanks for being a member since 1999, huh?). If there was anything in the online auction world anywhere close to eBay, I'd just go with them. I've tried a couple of auction sites and had virutally no sales. On eBay, I was a PowerSeller.
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    Well of course you would need all new everything, including a new PayPal account. I think PayPal is pretty good at recognizing this kind of stuff so you need to be careful.

    What did you do to get kicked off eBay?

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    A combination of things. A couple of untimely negative feedbacks, plus some customers filing disputes and/or seeking refunds, along with some policy violations -- mainly selling imported ePads with Android OS. Apple has a team that monitors eBay for, I suppose counterfeits. I had a huge problem with this set-up because you really have little or no appeal and I was NOT selling counterfeits, simply a competing product. My products did not carry the Apple or iPad lablels/logos. I mean, if Apple contends that an ePad somehow is in violation of their trademark or copyright, they should A) tell the eBay seller exactly why they were removing my item and B) Apple should sue the ePad manufacturer. Neither eBay nor Apple told me exactly what I had done wrong but before I knew it, my account was apparently at major risk of being indefinitely suspended, and it eventually was suspended. Ironically, for years I had a positive feedback score and because my only standing negative feedback recently rolled off, I again enjoy a 100% positive feedback score on an account from which I can no longer sell. Also ironically, ePads now seem to be everywhere, made by major manufacturers to companies in Asia. If Apple is fighting this onslaught, I see no evidence of it in the media, yet they sure pushed we eBay sellers around and eBay totally let it happen without any regard for long-time sellers like me (member since 1999). I'm not saying I didn't make mistales as a seller but not big enough to get booted off eBay for good. And I know there are MANY out there like me.

    Anyway, I was hoping I could simply open account in my wife's name, not really trying to fool eBay but just my way of sort of starting over. But you're saying it'll take more stealth than that? Gee, I've seen convicted criminal treated better than this and I'm NOT KIDDING.
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    You won't be able to get back on eBay without using some "black hat stuff." Even creating a new account under your wifes name will link the accounts, and you will eventually find yourself back at square one. You are pretty much forever flagged by Nexis.

    What I recommend before you start buying online guides that will again, get you nowhere (but maybe an account that limits you to selling less than $500 worth of items a month) - is to call eBay and ask to speak to someone in the U.S. regarding your issue. Most CSR's outside of the U.S. will not be able to assist you, so it's pretty important you try to reach someone in the U.S.
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      Its not an easy, or ideal situation...I can only offer you advice from what I know another person did in a similar spot...- find a relative that is prepared to open a new ebay/bank/paypal account and give it all over to you. Preferably a relative advanced in years and couldn't care less about buying/selling on ebay/ nor taxation implications. You are basically representing your relative and running their ebay business...which you control. If you want to run it like a business, pay for all of your expenses out of the ebay income and pay yourself a small wage to make it official. Its also advisable to use a new ip address when dealing with ebay/paypal in the future.
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