Surely I cant be the only one.. How many male cooks do we have on here?

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People would never guess it from the way I look. Tattoos, piercings, I suppose its just the way I present myself. I'm just a down to earth guy who enjoys life & people hate on it at times. LOL

But I can cook some AMAZING food. I taught my girl how to cook.. lol when we met she could only make mac & cheese (so pitiful!) but now she can make like anything you could ask for.

Any other guys on here that can cook?
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    i resent the label, male cook

    sure i cook, tastes just fine, but would never refer to myself as a male cook

    sexism and cooking, or is it really just sheilas work?
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    Yeah I probably could have worded it a little better.. people just act surprised when they see a guy cooking. LOL
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      Originally Posted by Whos That Guru View Post

      people just act surprised when they see a guy cooking. LOL
      I'm a guy that cooks and I have not noticed this at all. I think more guys are cooking than ever before. It is a manly thing to do - to make your own food.

      But young women these days (yes I'm generalizing and I don't apologize) don't seem to like to cook. I think the feminist movement is to blame for putting the idea into the minds of young women that spending time in the kitchen preparing a meal is "oppressive".

      Cooking, though, is quite liberating. It's a wonderful exercise in self reliance for a person to create the food he eats.

      But I don't think that women these days aren't cooking, like our grandmothers did.

      Since my college years, when I shared living quarters with lots of different roommates, it always seemed that the young men cooked more - I mean, actually made food from scratch - and the young women were inclined to just heat something from a can or microwave a lean cuisine.

      Relevant video:



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    I am pretty much the cook in my house. I made a huge pot of gumbo on Saturday. Love that stuff

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    I'm waiting for ThomM to post. He's a cook - and he's a good one. Trust me on that one. I've eaten his cooking.

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      Originally Posted by HeySal View Post

      I'm waiting for ThomM to post. He's a cook - and he's a good one. Trust me on that one. I've eaten his cooking.
      Thank you Sal
      For Christmas this year I made Christine a chocolate marble cheese cake with a chocolate sour cream frosting. I made Sarah a chocolate gateau with a chocolate icing.
      Of course I've been doing my jelly omelets a lot lately.

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          Originally Posted by Marty S View Post

          Yeah I cook, and even created a web series based on cooking in a tiny apartment kitchen (which is in my basement). More of just a hobby I suppose, but yes... love to cook!

          YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
          That's a nice video. I like how you depicted yourself making off with your ex-wife's mixer at 2:45. Also I like how you edited out the mundane parts where nothing is really happening or you're doing repetitive stuff. I've watched some cooking videos on youtube where a person will make you sit through 30 seconds of them just stirring something. It's nice to see that stuff edited out.


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    I don't think it's unusual for a guy to cook or prepare food, in the house or outside. Many (most?) of the famous cooks/chefs are men.

    Wifes/girlfriends love it when the man steps up and "gets his hands dirty", with food, that is. And I'm not just talking BBQ, any other attempt will be appreciated, even if it turns out a little different than anticipated.
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    Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim

    I can boil water.
    Sure, sometimes I burn the salad, but that doesn't mean you can't try...
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    Thats awesome! I knew I couldnt be the only guy on here that can cook!

    I didnt feel like cooking tonight tho, so I went & got some Los Magueyes - man, if ANY of you live close to one of their restaurants, TRY THEM!!

    They have some of the best mexican food I've ever eaten. Seriously.

    I recommend their beef & cheese quesadillas. Its like an explosion of flavor in your mouth. LOL
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    I do a lot of the cooking in my household as well as well as a lot of the domestic chores. I'd actually like to hire people to do it to free up some of my time. I have one thing to tell any fellow with a wife who does all of the cooking and household work -- lucky guy! (or lucky gal, if she has her dude doing it all)

    Project HERE.

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