Eastman Kodak Files For Bankruptcy After Years Of Falling Sales

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Photo Finished???????????

story here...

Eastman Kodak Files For Bankruptcy After Years Of Falling Sales
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    It IS a shame. They were great at what thy did for SO long. Photofilm, in fact the whole basic technology, has been essentially OBSOLETE from a consumer standpoint, for close to 2 decades. It's a shame.

    About 30 years ago it was clear that there would be a fast trend towards this. Kodak COULD have created a new line of low end cameras in the mid to late 1980s, and maybe have had ones with a lot of potential. In the mid 1990s tweaks and new technology could have improved it, sales would have skyrocketed, and they could have controlled the market. Alas, I think THEY were the late comers, and got forced out of the market.

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    On the wall in my office I have a cancelled stock certificate for 100 shares of Studebaker-Packard common. (Ebay) Its there to remind me every day that great companies can survive depressions, wars, technology, recessions, competition and a hundred other things. However, they can not survive consistently bad management.

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  • Oh, great...where am I going to get my Brownie Hawkeye fixed? I think it's still under warranty...
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    How ironic that digital cameras were actually invented by Kodak Eastman.

    Back then they decided to shelve the technology as it ate into their (then) profitable film business.

    Brilliant foresight fellas.
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