Ever seen lightning during a snow storm? I did last night...

by Thomas
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We had the heaviest snow in nearly 18 years last night and had the bizzarre experience of seeing extensive lightning in the middle of it all.

Well, not actually seeing it, as the snow was too heavy but (perhaps because of the snow), the flash seemed to be FAR brighter than you would expect in a "regular" electrical storm. Ever get dazzled if you (accidentally, of course) look directly at lightning? Well, it was like that but in every direction. It didn't seem to matter if the lightning was behind you... you still got dazzled. (And I was driving at the time: icy roads, thick heavy snow, and brightly flashing sky in all directions... I would rather have been hiding in my wardrobe!)

It was pretty eerie and, having consulted Mr. Google earlier, I appear to have witnessed a somewhat rare meteorological event.

Thankfully, normal rain service has resumed today.

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    Here is Okie land we call that thunder snow...happens on occasions and not all that rare. I have seen it one time at night and it is really freaky.
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    That happened once in Colorado while I was driving home one night - scared me silly. It to this day is probably the strangest weather I've ever seen and I was raised in Tornado alley.

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    Lightning and snow, sounds cool (get it? lol). There's been a lot of snowing going on in Pennsylvania lately, but luckily no thunderstroms at the same time. I imagine it would make a nice glow when the lightning reflects off of all the snow.
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    Man, I wish I could have seen that. I've seen some wild lightning storms but never with snow.
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      I would have liked to have seen that, too. What part of Colorado are you from, Sal?

      Denise Lorraine

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        I have seen it once. It was in 1987 the first week of April. I remember this date all to well because my oldest son was one month old at the time and I was out getting food for my family. I left home at 5:30 pm and didn't return home till 11:30 pm. The last mile I had to walk home due to several cars blocking the road to my house. The lightning and heavy snow continued most of the evening and turned out to be one of the longest miles of my life. To say it was eerie is an understatement. Don't care to experience again.

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    It has happened once here in Pittsburgh also
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