Who is Your Favorite Warrior?

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I wanted to start this thread to ask who is your favorite Warrior?

I have been on this forum for a couple years now and I visit it everyday. I can never get enough, and I really do look up to many of the warriors on here and love seeing where and what they post.

So my answer is: Alexa Smith

She (Pen name maybe?) is always very helpful and I can see how she is such a good article "syndicator" (I didnt say marketer Alexa ) becuase here writing usually makes me chuckle and she never backs down from anyone.

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    Since i'm new here and this is my first post, i have to say myself atleast as of now..lol
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    Alexa is amazing, but I can't play favorites here. There are so many great Warriors I love reading posts from. I could try and list them but it would take all day! There are a lot of wonderful and helpful people here.
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      I like Genghis Khan.

      I actually like reading replies from a lot of posters - maybe 30 - but I do like the way Johnny_Rammone doesn't give a sh*t and tells people what he thinks, LOL.
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        Yeah....I don't want to play favorites, either. I can honestly say everyone I've met here has been great.

        I will say that I hold George Katsoudas in the highest regard. Not only does he create wicked good products, he's a textbook example of an intelligent marketer in the way he deals with his list. I say to many newbies, look at how George does it and do that.
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  • I've got a couple who's posts I enjoy following. Alexa Smith always has something useful to add I've found though!
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    I'm not gonna play favorites either!

    Ramone, Kay, Taylor, Myers, BIGMike would be my reply if I did play favorites
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      precious007 he's funny. Maybe we should have a monthly warrior award, what do you think?
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    I want to play favorites.

    Definitely Alexa Smith. She's great. She even helped me at once through PM's. I don't forget that.

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    not the right section for posting ? :p
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    obviously me

    well tough to say, there are many amazing warriors on the forum, but on the top of my mind will be Brian & BigMike
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    That would be Sir Istvan Horvath. He has helped me a lot with my wordpress realated problems. He simply rocks....
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      Warriors who i respect the most mmm hard one...
      The ones that come to mind right now are
      John Taylor, Willie Crawford, Paul Myers, Alexa Smith, Big Mike.
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    My favorite warrior is Mike Anthony

    His SEO related posts are awesome

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    Conan the Barbarian

    [Original image]
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      Hey that looks like me the body part anyway ha ha.
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    new zealand warriors


    rugby league as it should be played
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    Kurt Melvin
    Jeff Hope
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    brown nose'ers....

    its a tough call. Seal team 6 is current and hip - but not sure how they'd do against a Roman Legion or a Viking horde.....

    And we have to at least give some due to Khan....
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    Whoever posts immediately below me is my favorite Warrior . . . but only for today. If you want to be my favorite Warrior after midnight it will cost you $1 a day.

    Of course, it's worth at least twice that much, even without the free bonus of being my favorite best friend forever (which lasts until midnight also).

    Sorry Jack, you posted 10 minutes too soon.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Yay, it's me! I hope!

    BTW Dennis, I only now figured out who you are About a million years ago, when still learning HTML and all that, I used to subscribe to your Boogiejack newsletter and frequent your website quite often ... boy, time sure flies!
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    Several names caught my attention. They are Andyhenry, Alexa Smith, Matt Wolfe,
    Mario Brown.
    Thank you for the tread, by the way. This kind of posts help me to find new knowledgeable warriors and I would be checking their blogs and sites very soon.
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