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Hello Warrior Brothers and Sisters!

I am new to the forum so allow me to make an introduction.

My name is Abdullah, I have recently reverted to Islam, I am 21 years young and I am serious about starting business online.

I love to study and I have already read much information and content about Internet Marketing and Online Business in general, but I haven't taken that first step yet. I have knowledge of SEO, PPC, CPA, Affiliate Programs, Blogging and the likes, but no "true knowledge", meaning I am quite well read and observant but I have yet to take the plunge and get stuck into something.

Other subjects I like to study are Comparative Religion, Leadership and Management, Self-Help and World Affairs.

I also have a passion for Martial Arts which I have had since I was a young child, a passion which faded for many years but has recently been re-ignited.

It is well known amoung Internet Businessmen that the Warrior Forum is the place to be if you want to learn and share your expieriences in online business, and I have joined to learn what I can, share and teach where I can, and make connections with like minded people.

Other than that, I am a quite talented artist and graphic/web designer (well, I'm handy with Photoshop and can manipulate and write basic HTML/CSS coding).

To be perfectly honest, I have wasted and messed up my life loads in recent years and I now taking it upon myself to fix up, get serious, and take charge of my life - my goals and ambitions simply to practice my religion to the best of my ability, practice martial arts to the best of my ability and earn a successful career doing something I love. (I actually love writing, but again it is something which I am now re-fueling after being a complete waste of space for the past few years!).

That's me in a nutshell, I'm a fast learner and I'm really friendly, polite and well mannored, if you want to know anything else please feel free to ask, I am an open book (or human!).

It's great to registered at last and I look forward to using the forums,

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    welcome.... you will gain a lot of knowledge here.. my best suggestion is to be patient...

    Best regards....
    Discover Reggae | Dancehall [Jamaica]
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    Hello Abdullah. Welcome to the forum. You've joined a great community full of helpful people and helpful information.
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      Hello & welcome, Abdullah. I just joined a few days ago, so, am still finding my way around. Hope you make many new friends & have much success.
      Versatile writer seeking projects. Will write as myself or ghost for you. Many different themes.

      My Fiverr Gigs
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        Hi Abdullah,

        You sound like you have a lot of talents and knowledge. The next step is to use them! Perhaps use your love of martial arts. Find a gap in the market, set up a blog/website and start getting traffic to come to see it. You can experiment with a lot of different things until you find the one thing that you love. You may be surprised what happens once you find your niche!

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    Welcome Abdullah,
    This is a great place to learn from those who have gone before
    The best suggestion is for you to take the next step and get stuck into it. Choose a niche that you'll enjoy working in and just take that giant step.

    You will make mistakes, it won't be perfect but unless you get started, all that knowledge you have acquired with your studies won't amount to much.

    It all begins with the first step. Make it happen and we wish you all the best.

    Deb Marsden

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    Hello Abdullah,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! Tons of great info on the site! Use it wisely

    Best of luck,
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    Hey Warriors,

    Thanks for all the welcomes, kind words and advice. *smiles*

    and - asalaamu' alaikum ratmatullahi wa barakatur Ahmad!

    As far as deciding on a plan of action and getting stuck in, I have decided to start a few blogs, grow them and monetize them.

    At the moment I am having to use all organic means to make money, but I know it is achievable with free blogs as a hosting platform and social networking sites and article directories for traffic - so I'm going to get started on that ASAP to get some money together for a new laptop.

    See you later,
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    Welcome Abdullah,

    Since 2006 I'm doing IM and the best think that happen to me is to be connected with a good and reputable IM mentor.

    So you need a reputable mentor that is able to respond to your questions everyday while you are implementing his techniques.

    But don't buy anything yet because to discern what is the right mentor for you, you need to look at many WSOs and look at comments and critics from followers (WF users) of a specific program or WSO. If the critics are good than it could be the right program for you. Nothing stops you from looking at the Marketer's WF profile too. Many time a reputable Marketer or mentor on WF have more than one WSO and you can look at all of them to make sure you are dealing with a serious and reputable Internet Marketer.

    Some Coaching are very affordable like 37$ but don't go over 497$ for a coaching program.

    Don't forget to focus on one program so that you don't become overwhelmed by information overload from Internet. You`re learnng curve will be short since you have Internet skills and you`ll see profit very soon.


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    Nice to meet you Abdullah.
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    Hi Abdullah, really you have joined a great community.This community is most helpful for getting knowledge.
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    "hoş geldin, kardeşim"

    Hi Abdullah, are you Turk?
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    Welcome Abdullah.

    You fill find a lot of useful information here just be patient to read it all.

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