FINALLY - A Good Idea From The U.S. Post Office

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Everyone has read how our post office has been in a desperate fight for its life. Today I got a notice in my mail box about a new policy that should have happened 40 years ago. I have to go in the p.o. to get all the details BUT from what I can see in this notice a business (or perhaps an individual) will be able to use the street address of the post office rather than the P.O. Box number. I'll post the details I find out when I go there in the morning. I'm sure I'm going to be one of their first customers. I pay $42 a year for my business box but I still have various businesses that will not mail to my box. My bank, for instance, insists on mailing to my house. I don't mind if they HAVE my home address but I'd just as soon they not mail a debit card to an unlocked rural mail box. This is bound to put a crimp in UPS stores and other private mailbox companies. Best original idea these people have had since "If it fits, it ships". Stay tuned.

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    I wonder if, instead of PO Box 503, it will now be Suite 503?

    I agree though -- good idea.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    That's a great idea because you really get the shaft if you list a PO Box with a lot of companies and life situations.

    If it is of any help I can try to channel Benjamin Franklin for them.
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  • So, is it that they will just sort your mail pick it up...they save on the driving / gas?

    If you just used "suite #109" instead of PO Box #109, it always went to the PO Box some not do that?
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    Update! New address is 11507 MLK Blvd. #366, Mango, FL 33550. They tell me "suite" or anything else is not required. I've already spoken with Paypal, Bank and Insurance company. Nobody has voiced any objections. Oh joy! They also have made a couple of other changes. They now have my signature on file which allows them to receive and sign for packages from Fedex and UPS. Third item is a text message if I actually have mail in the box. My assistant stops every morning and checks mail on her way here. Its a few blocks out of the way. Now she can check her text messages before she leaves the house and avoid the stop if there is nothing.

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  • Through rain, and sleet, and even Mangoes....
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