Warriors, Kevin Riley on this Birthday will cook the best Recipe of Your Choice!!!

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Dear Warriors,

Today is birthday of our friend and Senior Warrior , Kevin Riley. I am sure there are many who has benefited from his posts and products and presence in this great forum. Warriors let's send our best wishes for him on his birthday for his happy healthy and wealthy life.

Just a message I got from a friend few days ago I would like to share here:

Your Kindness may be treated as your weakness, still
be KIND!

Your Help to others may go unnoticed & unneeded, still
be Helpfull!

If you are honest & friendly, people may cheat you, still
be HONEST anyways!

If you are Happy they may be jealous, still
be HAPPY anways!

The good you do today, people may forget tomorrow, still
do GOOD anways!

Because at the END of the day, it is between you & God,
it was never between you & them!

(Please excuse any English grammar errors! )

I dedicate above beautiful message to Kevin Riley!

Warriors, what percentage of chance is that a guy with broken English, unclear thoughts,
zero business background can be accepted as friend, student , partner to help him have
a growing business online which will support him and his family for years to come?

Well online where fraud is so popular and strangers are hard to trust, it is almost ZERO percent chance of any support or trust to such a naive student from some 3rd world country......

But in case of Kevin Riley it is 100%! He chatted with me when I could not write few correct sentences in English about Six years ago. He used to reply to my long emails about Japanese Business Principles (LOL i was obsessed with Japanese business successes). He, very patiently, used to answer my emails, back to back, about all sort of things I will read about Japan, SIX Sigma Quality program, Kai Zen, and all that stuff you read in business text books

As I loved computer and IT stuff already, I started to dabble with websites and become avid reader of Warrior Forum to learn all stuff i can about internet Marketing. As John Reese had already made Million Dollar day with Traffic Secrets. I also wanted to work on Traffic related stuff. Then there came a day when i wanted to launch a WSO (it was free to post WSOs then :-). Posting WSO was easy. But the only issue and fatal one for my sales was ....how i accept payments from customers?

As no paypal in our country... Man I just emailed Kevin and he was more than happy to help me in any way.. he helped me in product creation (he reviewed and edited my report, my sales letter) and then made order buttons of Paypal for my website. This WSO was huge success (thanks to many Warriors, who trust me and bought from me and also posted kind testimonials in the thread.)

First real education of Internet Marketing i got from his course (my first paid product ever) Mission Make Money Online... this course taught me all the step by step of all essentials of IM.This put me on a path which helped me, develop a business I can be proud of, and spend the life the way i wanted to spend...

Now just for a second think (as I was thinking today) that if Kevin had not helped me the way he has helped me all the time, there would be very remote chances of me having my own successful business. I am sure many Warriors can relate to this that how a small help, report or product of fellow Warriors changed their life and transformed their business.

I am proud to be a Warrior and have Warriors like Kevin Riley and other great expert and helpful Warriors who have helped so many Warriors around the globe to change their and their families lives to have better living standard and more happiness!

Thank you Warriors for making this place such great place.

To Kevin Riley, Dear Senpai Please accept Very very Happy Birthday from me and all Warrior Friends!

With Best Regards,
Mohsin Rasool

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