Social media sites dangerous?

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I have been very wary about sites like facebook for a long time, having witnesses some big fall outs with friendships comments with others on there.

Certainly on this forum the incident about the father shooting the daughters laptop as an example.

But Murder? come on! two men convicted of murder when the daughter of one was befriended?
this is a growing trend and it really shows the danger of theses sites and what can happen.
Links below.
I am on facebook that`s all, but have seen a growing trend of this type of thing.
Facebook "defriending" led to double murder, police say - Yahoo!

BBC NEWS | UK | Online networking 'harms health'

Social websites harm children's brains: Chilling warning to parents from top neuroscientist | Mail Online

Social Networking Sites; More Harm Than Good? - Online Conference On Networks and Communities
What do you think of them?
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    People will be idiots no matter what technology is available to them. I think social networks are not an issue as a whole however people will continue to commit senseless acts over the stupidest reasons regardless.

    Similar to getting in a fight over stepping on someone's shoes. Some people take acts that they view as disrespectful too seriously and make life altering decisions over inflated pride.
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    Social media sites dangerous?
    Only if you use them ...
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      In the long run, most likely.
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        I think they are dangerous in some ways. One obvious problem is the dependence young people have on being able to "spout" whatever they want and to be constantly connected.

        That connection can be great if someone needs help - but dependence on others to always be available doesn't lead young people to think for themselves or become problem solvers.

        Gossip has always been around - and vicious gossips would spread nasty rumors. Social media provides a perfect platform to say anything about anyone - and say it to the world rather than to a small group of people.
        Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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