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Hi guys,
After purchasing WSO's and taking action, I have made zilch adsense cash, nada clickbank, peerfly, or amazon commissions in 6 weeks. I used SEO optimisation and got one of my sites to page 1 rank 1 on Google. Page 1 rank 3 on Yahoo and page 1 rank 2 on Bing. I outsourced article writing on fiverr, I pinged, submitted and done a dozen or so classified ads. I'm using 3 different platforms for my sites and I've got everything running on FB fan pages. Still no commissions. Now I'm not saying the WSO's are not good, they are excellent, but after implementing everything and getting ranked on Google, where the hell is the traffic?......
I look forward to any tip's or ideas anyone might have.
#adsense #amazon. #clickbank

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