Relatives? Japan's Ainu & Basques of Spain and France

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Similarities Between the Languages of Japan's Ainu People and Spain & France's Basques
The languages of Japan's Ainu minority and Spain's Basques have similarities that could not be coincidence.

"None of the Ainu words were exactly the same as in Basque, but many were extremely close such as ikoro and koro (money), kokor and gogor (to scold), tasum and eritasun (illness), iska and xiska (to steal). A surprise was the Ainu word nok (testicle) which is much like the Basque word noka (familiarity with women). In English slang the same word is used in "to knock up" meaning "to cause a woman to become pregnant." In Indonesian nok means "unmarried young woman," while dénok means "slender, elegant woman." In Dutch slang the word is slightly altered to neuk (sexual intercourse). There is little doubt that the word goes way back to the Neolithic or even Paleolithic. From the following comparisons it seems clear to me that Ainu and Basque are genetically related."
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    By coincidence, I watched the Globe Trekker episode on PBS last night, where Megan McCormick travels to Barcelona, Spain, and surrounds.

    The interesting thing for me though was, is the fact that some of the sculptures on the Sagrada Familia (a large church) designed by Antonio Gaudi, and not yet completed, were done by Japanese sculptor Etsuro Sotoo. This, and the fact that the Japanese apparently were the first in the world to show interest in Gaudi's works, have resulted in an influx of Japanese tourists to the church which, in turn, has created an adequate income stream so that the building can now be completed.

    What does this have to do with your post? Probably nothing, although it's kinda ironic that in both there is a Spanish-Japanese connection.

    Here's a video about the project (there are many more on YouTube):

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    Language can be confusing. Some arabic words, for example, are like sanscrit and the grammar has a quirk That I have heretofore only seen in those two languages. sanscrit predates the muslim faith, but I am not sure if it predates arabic. The two have TOTALLY different alphabets. Western european languages, and many nearby and related ones, have a latin based alphabet, due to conquest. Yiddish and a couple other languages have adopted words because of a nomadic lifestyle. And it is interesting how words like problem, and no, seem to cross language groups. For NO, english and spanish have the sae word, and french sounds the same. They are dfferent from hindi, danish, russian, german, but ALL start with the N sound. ALL, but hindi, are one sylable.

    STILL, I have heard the basque ainu theory before, and testicle and familiarity with women ARE closely linked by idea. Testicle would be a more medical term and thus might be less likely to survive, although the CONCEPT would! Did you know that, for their size, chimps have like the biggest testicles, of primates, and gorillas have the smallest. Chimps are more promiscuous than humans, and gorillas are less so, and humans are between them. So science sees a correlation.

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