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Is there such a thing?

Is it possible to tap into 100% free Internet anywhere in the world? (Not WiFi)

For example... dialup or using a 3g smartphone / iPhone as a modem?

As some of you know, I'll soon be leaving for a big trip around Europe in my stealth camper van. I've already got a FacultyX long range directional antenna, the model which most full time motorhomers are recommending...

This one has a 1 1/2km range in clear space although there are recorded instances of it connecting at over 18km across water.

I'm also going to be using in the UK a 3 Three 12GB dongle which has the best coverage in the United Kingdom. These cost about £50 ($79) each and will give me approximately 2 months Internet access for 4-5 hours per day.

Problem is as soon as I hit the continent (mainland Europe) starting off at Dunkirk in northern France, this dongle won't work. Yes I'll have the antenna but I'm looking for a reliable and preferably free backup. Even if it is dirty old dialup. It'll only be for checking and replying to my emails from my laptop in the back of the van.

What would you recommend for me?

I will definitely be needing the Internet for at least 5 hours per day.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks,

Mark Andrews
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    Firstly, I'm damn envious, sounds like fun.

    No, it is not possible unless you are staying in hotels that provide internet (and will almost always be wifi). Your best bet is free wifi spots and hacking. If you are morally fine with stealing wifi you can hack WEP and WPA/WPA2 (if the router has WPS) in a fairly short amount of time.
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      Hacking errr no. Definitely not. Would I want this myself? No. Short and sweet. So no way would I do this to anyone else.

      What other options do you have up your sleeve?
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    Well the only other thing I can think of is free wifi which might be iffy depending on where you are.
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      I live in the UK where there's no such thing as free public internet, i wish there was. I also travel across some of Europe occasionally and unless the hotel you're staying in has wifi then using a UK 3G will be expensive.
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    Sorry, you WILL have trouble! HERE, in the US, there are SOME providers, boingo is one, that TRY to be NATIONAL! I don't know if they are international. Anyway, boingo has made arrangements with perhaps hundreds or thousands of companies. It is a wifi account BUT, it works at most hotels that otherwise require payment, most airports that otherwise require payment, most airplanes that otherwise require payment, etc.... Of course SOME such places don't even have wifi.

    Outside of doing things like boingo did, it would be IMPOSSIBLE with low priced methods to do what you want to do. I used EVDO, which is national, but it COULD fail if I go in a bad cell. Luckily, the coverage is good. But outside of the US, it is possible that NO cell would be good! You COULD use satellite, but it is expensive.

    The problem is that cells aren't necessarily compatible, and they like violating the original idea of the licenses because it gets them more money. So you have to PAY for them. And internet connections require resources that people often won't give for free, so you have to pay THERE!

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