Helicopter or Plane? Aviation Fans Please

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Hi all,

Always wanted to learn to fly. Even took a few lessons a number of years back.

I've decided I want to get back to a flying hobby and take up some recreational flying and obviously I need my PPL.


Lately I've been toying with the idea of flying a helicopter. Granted the range mightn't be as far but they sure look fun to fly!

Yes, I know it can be expensive to learn to fly either mode but that's not really what I'm here to get clarification on. I'm interested to get a warrior's perspective on which they prefer and why.

So, are there any budding aviation enthusiasts here with their take on which they prefer to fly and why?

Chocks away!
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    I would totally say helicopter now and plane later I would say helicopter first because I think it's more realistic for you to own a helicopter sooner than a plane. And you can have a helipad in your backyard if you really wanna ball out
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    When I was a kid, they always had plans for kit copters in Popular Mechanics.. always wanted to try my hand at that.

    Scorpion homebuilt helicopters
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      Cost of both a small cessna or helicopter aren't leagues apart.

      I'm rather interested in the "fun" aspect as when I decide on one or the other I'll be in it for the long haul.

      Either experiences of both modes of flight would be welcomed.
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  • Don't you have to have a basic flight school and pilot's license first to take helicopter flight?

    Provided of course, you're not flying 'under the radar'...
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      Originally Posted by MoneyMagnetMagnate View Post

      Don't you have to have a basic flight school and pilot's license first to take helicopter flight?

      Provided of course, you're not flying 'under the radar'...
      Flying a helicopter and an airplane is very different. I would think that there are no cross requirements there.

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    Cringer, I see you are serious about this. Ok in that case how about taking a few intro lessons in both of them? I wanted to get my airplane pilots license a couple of years ago (hasn't materialized yet) and I remember that I was able to find a bunch of aviation clubs at smaller/local airports. so trying it out would be a good way to make your decision.
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    Go for it! Fixed wing first, mandatory.
    Just FYI there is a big difference in cost of ownership/operation of the two. Simplified... More moving parts = more cost. Light helicopters like a Robinson are cool but they are NOT the same as turbine, they really don't hoover well and have low payloads.

    Here this should keep the bug alive...lol
    Glasair in the Rain - YouTube
    Ya can't do that in no whirley bird...

    When I went for my check ride it was snowing and 30 kt cross winds...
    I'm pretty sure just showing up that day, earned my wings..lol
    In fact we had to file a ifr flight plan for the return trip. Ahhh what memories.
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