Why do you love your mom?

by Rue Banned
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Mother's Day is just around the corner (or more like around the next couple of blocks since it would still be on May) and I'm just wondering: why do YOU love your mother?

I know I do
  • I love my mom because she raised me and took care of me. Also because she puts up with all my shennighans past and present lol.
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      She's the most cantankerous loving old bat I'll ever know. Extremely fiery. Keeps me on my toes. Nags constantly.

      Is big, fat and beautiful and has a gorgeous smile with a hug to die for. Not a bad cook too, she cooks the most wonderful British Sunday roast dinner and her Irish stews, oh mannn - WOW!

      Has the patience of a saint for most people except me it seems. Dear of her. The only person I know who still tells me she thinks the world of me and loves me to bits. Awww.

      Probably one of the best friends I'll ever have in my kife - ever. She's the best mum in the world, no question about it.

      We all call her Huff or Puff for short after the fire breathing dragon. Depending on her mood. She's always huffin' and puffin' at something lol.

      Wouldn't have her any other way. All the family and all her friends adore her to bits, she's the very epitome of what a good mother should be, big and cuddly, a terrific sense of humour and the soul of any family get together or party. (Not that I get to be invited being disfellowshipped and all that twaddle lol).

      In one word, she's an absolute darling. A dear. A right beaut as we say here.
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  • I don't know, Oedipus...you go first - *

    (*but we only have an hour session, today - we can set up a regular appointment)
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    so you need to wait till mothers day to think about it?
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    i love my mom because after all that pain she brought me up here where i am now with my father's monetary and caring support.
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    I love my mommy bunches :-) she is a one of a kind lady who taught me to be tough, loving, and tenacious but most of all so many wonderful things about being a mom myself!
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    why do I love my Mom?

    R.I.P. Mom...

    answer: she's one of the two people that TAUGHT me how to love in the first place
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    I dont.

    Not everyone grew up in a perfect family.

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    She gave me 23 chromosomes, carried me, gave birth to me, taught me to be independent.


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  • I Love My Mom Because She Has A Sense of Humor...
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    Because she is the most wonderful woman in the world.
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    because she has been supportive in everything i do.
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      Because shegave me life and loves me so much.
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