I became addicted to COKE , because of Google..

by Same
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Okay, that's the serious problem I'm having right now.

All the time when I'm working with PC I WAS drinking only water, because of dehydration. ( I'm trying to keep my heart healthy, lol.. ) but not for the past....

I had few serious problems with Google, so i paid full my attention to it. full time work, overtime at nights to get back indexed. As you can understand now, I was drinking coca-cola all Feb and March. And guess what is happening - I can't live without coke right now. Can't even focus for work without coke. Is it addiction? Research gave me nothing, 'addiction to coke' reviews are different. In my opinion i'm fighting with this because of the Caffeine.

So, anyone of warriors had this before? I've heard many stories at uni, that people become addicted to soda or any other drinks when they working with computer too long.
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    Welcome to the journey, you will look back at this time someday and thank your self for being so obsessed... and remember those nights and say "I was dedicated".

    Edit: Also; "Sometimes I was on the totally wrong track for months on end. I cant believe it looking back...but somehow luck found me in my dedication... and an enlightenment shined upon me in exchange for all my tireless and passionate committment...".
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    I'm like this for I don't know how long now, but what I have beside my computer at all times is a glass of juice, not coke. :p Still gotta stay healthy
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    I slam coffee like it's water. In high school (before they ever changed coke) I used to drink about 2 16 oz bottles a day. One before school and one when I got home and my day never seemed to be right unless I had my coca-cola. But then they changed the recipe and I was able to drop the stuff of. I think that any soda gets addicting real easy. So I just don't drink it now. Coffee. And I don't even have to ask if I'm addicted to that.

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    Ooo,I am also a fan of coffee but I rarely drink coffee after I suffered from hepatitis.
    I hope you take my advice before you disturbed stomach and all the work you have done in vain
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    Unless you want diabeties I suggest you stop drinking coke quick smart.

    Its just a drink, you can easily replace it with another healthier drink, don't be weak!
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    I'm no coke-addicted but yes with coffee. and because of all this IM-ing game, my eyes are worse than my oldman. anyway, coke-addiction is not really bad, i think. you shouldn't bother about it too much
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    For me it was Pepsi. When I was young and in the Navy, my breakfast was a Pepsi and a cigarette.

    Then it started to hurt my esophagus going down. I took that as a sign and stopped Pepsi. Started drinking grape Kool-Aid. Same crap with no carbonation.

    I moved on to cans of sweetened iced tea (Lipton, etc.). And finally, about 10 years ago - water.

    Coffee - I have been addicted to that since I was 15. I think of quitting but then tell myself it's my last vice. I quite booze, drugs, sweetened drinks... just let me keep this one! But the day is coming. The caffeine is now finally starting to affect my sleep pattern. Getting older sucks too

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