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Am I allowed to have 2 identical ads going (in the WF Classified Ads Paid Section) at the same time so that one is at any given time on the 1st page of results? Or is this not allowed at all...
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    While I am no expert I would have to say NO. That is duplicate content and is seen as spamming. Also personally, if i see someone running 2 duplicate ads, I tend not to want to use their services if they have something I need because it makes them appear unprofessional.

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    I posted in the wrong thread. How embarrassing.

    EDIT: Profound, I can do that!

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      Originally Posted by Joe Robinson View Post

      I posted in the wrong thread. How embarrassing.
      Just edit that post with something profound, then no one will ever notice you're in the wrong thread.

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    Well the ads don`t show up until they are approved and paid. So if they get approved and he pays for them wouldn`t it be ok to do that?

    A better place would be to directly create a support ticket to get a proper answer. Or see if it`s in the faq somewhere.
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