Desperately Seeking Mentor - Starting With NO Money - Already Have Good Knowledge Basis

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My name is Ezra. I am now 25.

I am entirely frustrated seeing so many success stories online while I deserve to be successful too. There is no reason why I should not be successful. Im smart. Im creative. Im hard working. I have just had a **** life so far.

I am absolutely broke and have been for a long time. I have been homeless off and on for the last four years. It sucks. I am currently sleeping outside. that sucks too.

I'm ready to be successful online, with the help of a mentor who will coach me with getting started. I already have a pretty good knowledge basis to get started with. I just want help from someone who has already been successful with making money online online starting with nothing. I have gone through all of the Bring The Fresh Material.

I figure, I can make enough money online for free to get hosting and some domains. Then, I can start building affiliate websites.
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