I just feel so lost and helpless...

by D3lit3
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Ok so I recently found this site and plan to be an active member. Due to a real life disability I cannot work in the construction field anymore and have a couple of hundred bucks left to pay the rent and I'm getting very nervous. I want to make money online but have no idea where to start because there are SO MANY PEOPLE with different techniques, ebooks, and apps it's crazy. I went from creating a wordpress blog to creating a product website to creating a landing page in a matter of hours because I have no idea which method would work! I literally wasted 50$ on domains and now they are dead because I somehow decided they would not work out after finding a new "fresh" idea which also gets scrapped after I find criticism about it.

My ideas consisted of:

- creating a gaming wordpress blog (I scrapped it due to how ugly it looked because I'm not a pro at wordpress and believed it would not generate income because it's my hobby and I'm not selling anything)

- creating an ad website exclusively for ads (scrapped it because it was so full of ads and bull**** and I believed people would sense that)

- creating a yoga ebook website (scrapped it because I have no clue about anything it yoga, let alone selling an ebook on it! Believed people would pick up on the fakeness and pirate it)

Now I am out of ideas and I feel really hopeless and broke, kind of like I'm the only person not making money on the internet. I sometimes feel that its too late to start now as most people probably have a 10 year advantage. So I bought a domain and am uselessly hosting it with hostgator and am about to give up. Does anybody have any insight? Which idea should I go with, what should I do? I'm not cheap and prepared to spend my last money on maintaining a website that profits, as long as it profits!

And all this info is overwhelming btw....I've tried google analytics, SENuke, Scrapebox, platinum SEO, market samurai and barely understood any of them...the only thing I was ever good at was helping run a TV-based vBulletin forum a few years ago but that is where my knowledge ends. My only other talents are playing video games and watching movies. I'd be happy if I made a dollar on the web!

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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    I hear the pain in your post.

    There's a lot to cover but I'll keep this short, since I don't know you and so on. If money's super tight, I'd stay away from anything that's going to require time and money to get moving on. When I say that I realize that pretty much any business (not a hobby but a business) requires time and effort, no getting around that. But having said that, there are some options that are much simpler and faster if your goal is just to see some kind of result and you aren't aiming for get rich quick nonsense. Focus is key. So before anything else, clear your computer of distracting files, opt out of 99.9 percent of the email lists and focus on one thing, get good at that, see some result, then you can start to think about something new.

    One suggestion I have is to consider Jim Cockrum's ebay program where he teaches you how to sell diabetic test strips online. The plan is proven (it's called Proven Ebay Course) and it's 100 percent legal if you follow his directions. It involves placing ads to purchase unused (and unexpired) diabetic test strips and then resell the test strips online for a profit. There are some restrictions on how you can do this but it's all explained in the program, which includes a very good forum.I think it costs $97. Many people have done very well with this -- and quite fast for very little startup expense. I'm not selling anything, just offering a program from someone considered to be one of the marketers with very high integrity.
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    I believe there is a WSO right now that is selling a WP theme and the example is a movie review blog. If movies and gaming is all you know that might be an idea.White your own movie reviews and put your affiliate link to Amazon of wherever in the buy button.

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    It takes time and lots of effort. Hang in there and email me if you want to chat. here or on my blog.

    In America anyone can go straight to the top. And here's what's exciting- It is the bottom that is crowded, not the top.

    (Excerpt from my Success Manual found at http://thoughtsofsuccess.com)

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    My advice is stop buying crap. If you're already broke why make yourself more broke? Listen here friend, what you want to do for quick cash is grunt work. This includes using whatever talents you may possess and put them to good use, go to fiverr.com, or elance, or google for the various article writing sites out there. Look at stuff on fiverr and think of a talent or service you can offer. If you can't think of anything try article writing, anyone can do that, that speaks well/writes well enough English which you seem to be fine at. Search on fiverr for the top selling writing gigs and copy the content of their gigs and customize to whatever you want, but make it convincing because no matter the topic if you get any interest all you have to do is google the topic, learn some about it, then write up a unique article. They'll give you a good rating, rinse and repeat. This won't make you a lot until you have a reputation but it's a start. Building a website wont' get you anywhere, because Google is lame and you'll spend months trying to get it ranked anyway. You can also hop on ebay and sell some stuff you don't want anymore or sell whatever you can think off. And example of public domain stuff, toss it all together, then sell a ebook...heck some guy was ripping content right off Wikipedia and selling that as an ebook on amazon, and is perfectly legal. You an also sell GPL software(and there's A LOT of that, that people use everyday, just google for it) Don't try and sell any WSO's you already burned that bridge for now because people see you aren't an expert. Don't buy em either, you'll be wasting your money. Internet marketing is a grind brother, no different than real life. But the difference is if you work hard, stop giving up so easy, that over time you have a chance at residual income with little effort, but you have to get to that point first. It's all about selling, sell crap on craigslist, ebay whatever. If you want to get into adsense, and selling affiliate products on your site(like amazon products). Build the site, use a nice wordpress template(google, plenty out there all free), and start making backlinks. My signature in a backlink, links to your site from anywhere are backlinks. But again expect it to take months for your site to rank, and expect google to be looking to slap you at every turn. You can do it, just don't give up and learn more about terms you don't understand, make a thread asking or google them, everyones here to help.
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