My Little League Baseball Experience...

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After I ran some errands this morn, I spotted and stopped by a little league baseball game which was on the way home.

It was near one of the 22 county libraries and the complex also has three baseball fields along with basketball & tennis courts.

There are about a million residents in my county - Montgomery in Maryland.


I stood behind the backstop slightly on the first base side of the diamond watching the game.


About an inning later...

While sipping on a Mickey Dee Ice Tea a lazy foul ball popped up over the backstop in my direction.

I deftly moved about 5 feet and caught the ball in the air with my left hand (weak hand) right after taking another sip of my ice tea.

The crowd of about 100 cheered ( what seemed to them ) my effortless catch!!

( I Immediately flashed back to the glory days and took a bow! )

One coach offered me a place on the team but I told him we'd have to go back 40 years in order for me to be eligible.

All The Best!!


Ps. I have a small mark in the palm of my hand and it's still smarting from the catch - but not as much as before - it's wearing off.

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