I watch this wonderful kid's story and TEARING my eyes !

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    by the way, I'm quite amazing, how internet can enlighten one's day
    In this case, the kid
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    HEY, ever watch the little rascals? Our Gang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They did this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME! Still, having THIS happen could, if he played it right, make him a LOT of money! If he had a nice little plastic, or even cardboard arcade kit. He could sell each for like $20 or more.

    There is a story about a game that was created by some college students that caught on. It used a cardboard mat, and bricabrac. The story goes that a guy heard about it, made up his own version, and sld it commercially. I forget where I heard that story, but it APPARENTLY varies from the version in wikipedia. Still, the story IS in wikipedia! Go to the inventor list to the right and click on Charles B. Darrow! Charles Darrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The story is THERE. Actually, the CD story makes sense as it explains why the seemingly odd bricabrac pieces are used! That is UNUSUAL for a game, but the story described how the game was created by each owner in just such a fashion.

    That game, "Monopoly" is STILL popular today, over 80 years later.

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  • Caine is a born entrepreneur...

    Boy...I hope they didn't teach him how to Flash Mob!!

    Once he figures out mobile marketing...there will be no stopping him!

    This will be Caine opening up his new "Arcade" in about 20 years...
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    Pretty meaningful, Hmm...
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