your best song ever and ever

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what is your favorite song ever and ever.
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    I love basshunter.. And mostly DOTTA

    Basikal hari dam2.. Spela dita dotta
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      This is why questions like this drive me crazy and make me wonder if the OP is
      just spamming the forum.

      What follows is long. So be warned.

      I've been listening to music since I was 5. That's almost 50 years worth. In that
      time, I had to have heard 10,000 songs at least if you count pop, rock, opera,
      jazz, show tunes and on and on.

      Why is this question so absurd?

      Let's start on a winding road that is nearly infinite.

      I'll start with the letter A. of my favorite bands of all time.

      Some of my favorite Abba songs.

      Super Trooper
      The Winner Takes It All
      When All Is Said And Done

      I don't know if I could even pick out which of THOSE is my favorite.

      How about Air Supply?

      Come What May
      All Out Of Love

      Let's move on to the letter B

      Beatles...great group

      Penny Lane
      The Long and Winding Road
      Ticket To Ride
      Eleanor Rigby

      I'll stop there. Pick my favorite Beatle song? Good luck on that one.

      Let's move on to the letter C

      Carpenters. I cry when I just think about that girl and her life.

      Goodbye To Love
      We've Only Just Begun
      For All We Know

      Probably Goodbye To Love, but it's close

      From Showboat - Can't Help Lovin That Man Of Mine
      Illusion - Candles Are Burning

      Let's move on to the letter D


      Light My Fire
      Love Her Madly
      Riders On the Storm
      Touch Me

      Toss up between Light My Fire and Touch Me. Don't put a gun to my head

      Let's move on to the letter E

      Emerson Lake and Palmer

      Karn Evil 9
      Lucky Man
      The Sheriff

      I'll stop there. What amazing musicians. And if I include Greg Lake's "I Believe
      In Father Christmas" forget it. I can't possibly choose one.

      Let's move on to the letter F

      Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There
      First Class - Beach Baby
      Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup

      Let's move on to the letter G

      Gary Pucket and the Union Gap

      Women Women
      Young Girl
      Lady Willpower
      Over You

      Their 4 monster hits that almost all sound the same. So how the hell do you
      even pick one from that list? I can't. I never could.

      Let's move on to the letter H

      New England - Hello, Hello, Hello
      Dragonforce - Heroes Of Our Time
      Mouth and McNeil - Hey You Love

      I love all 3 of those songs so much and could never choose just from those 3.

      Let's move on to the letter I

      I Can See For Miles by The Who
      I Believe - Triumvirat
      I Believe - 1953 standard
      I Aint Got Time Anymore - Glass Bottle
      I Believe In Music - Gallery
      I Can Love You - Badfinger
      I Don't Know How To Love Him - Helen Reddy
      I Dreamed Last Night - Blue Jays
      I Got You - Split Enz
      I Like You - Donovan
      I Need You To Turn To - Elton John
      I Need Your Love - The Toots & The Maytals
      I Talk To The Wind - King Crimson
      I Wanna Be The One - Chilliwack

      I, I, I...aye, aye, aye. I don't even know where to start with these great

      Let's move on to the letter J

      John Lennon

      Jealous Guy

      Two of the greatest songs ever written. I don't even know if I'd have these
      in my top 100, let alone pick one as a favorite. And I can't even decide between
      the two.

      Let's move on to the letter K


      The Wall
      Miracles Out Of Nowhere
      Song For America

      If you've never heard these 3 amazing songs, listen to them sometime.

      I can't even pick Kansas as a favorite group with any certainty, let alone
      choose between one of these 3 songs.

      Let's move on to the letter L

      Last Dance by Donna Summer
      Long Dark Road by The Hollies
      Lay Down by The Strawbs
      Lost Inside Your Love by Badfinger
      Love and Loneliness by The Motors

      Wow...what great songs. Donna Summer's makes me want to dance and I
      DON'T dance.

      Let's move on to the letter M

      Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Mama Cass
      Music by John Miles
      My Oh My by Slade
      Message From The Country by The Move

      Let's move on to the letter N

      No Sad Song - Helen Reddy
      Neighboorhood # 1 (Tunnels) - Arcade Fire
      Never Be The Same - Chilliwack
      New Girl Now - Honeymoon Suite

      Let's move on to the letter O

      Ocean Gypsy - Renaissance
      Old And Wise - Alan Parsons Project
      Old Loves Die Hard - Triumvirat

      Talk about tear jerkers. Don't even get me started on these 3.

      Let's move on to the letter P

      Partridge Family

      I Think I love You
      It's One Of Those Nights

      What great songs!

      Let's move onto the letter Q

      Queen (oh crap)

      Bohemian Rhapsody
      Killer Queen
      Radio Ga-Ga

      I'll stop there because if I don't this list won't end. One of the greatest groups of all time.

      Let's move onto the letter R


      In addition to the songs of theirs already listed

      Carpet Of The Sun
      Can You Understand
      Things I Don't Understand

      These songs are epic. This group was epic. Annie Haslam was one of the
      greatest singers of all time. She's retired now and paints.

      Let's move on to the letter S

      It's the most common letter in the alphabet so I'm just going to skip this
      because it's too hard to even come up with any kind of a fair representation
      for this letter.

      Let's move on to the letter T


      Cold Old Worried Lady
      Million Dollars
      Lucky Girl
      The Deadly Dream of Freedom

      A lot of people called them ELP copy-cats. I called them amazing.

      Let's move on to the letter U

      Under My Skin - Jukebox The Ghost
      Universe - Magnum

      Let's move on to the letter V

      Vincent - Don McClean

      Enough said. One of the all time greatest tunes by one of the all time
      greatest composers.

      Let's move on to the letter W

      Walk Away Renee - Left Banke
      What Made America Famous - Harry Chapin
      What Would The Children Think - Rick Springfield
      What's Left Of The Flag - Flogging Molly
      When You're A Tuesday Girl - The Tuedays
      Where's The Playground Susie? - Glen Campbell
      Whisper In The Night - ELO
      White Lies Blue Eyes - Bullet
      Who's Behind The Door - Zebra

      Please don't ask me to pick between these 9 songs. I can't.

      Let's move on to the letter Y


      All Good People
      And You And I

      3 epic tunes. I think And You And I is my favorite of those 3 but not sure.

      Let's move on to the letter Z

      Okay, I can't think of any besides Zebra and I've already listed one of their
      songs. Their other one I love...

      Tell Me What You Want

      I can't even decide between that and Who's Behind The Door which is my favorite.

      Now, I could go through these letters again and come up with a totally
      different list of yet MORE songs that I love.

      Other songs I love

      Precious and Few - Climax
      The Shape Of Things To Come - Headboys
      Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
      American Pie - Don McClean
      Don't Want To Say Goodbye - Raspberries

      Okay, enough. I'm starting to hyperventilate.

      Pick ONE song that is my favorite of ALL time?


      I mean...SERIOUSLY??????????????????????????
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    Steve...I'm just glad you didn't post those as videos...
    Professional Googler
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    What do you mean you can't think of any Z???

    Peaches En Regalia!

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    i have lived a very sad and shallow life, so only need one favourite song

    'counting the beat' by the swingers

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  • Not my favorite of all time...but Bonnie Raitt has a pretty nice update on a great old song by Gerry Rafferty...
    Bonnie Raitt - "Right Down the Line" - The Colbert Report - 2012-16-04 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
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    My favorite are Justin bieber and Shayne ward the best singer and the best songs . they singed ..!!
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    My favorite song is Shakira song's...............

    I love to listen Shakira songs............
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