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I was wondering if you people could enlighten me with your Favourite TV Series? I'm addicted to some really good ones i was hoping what other people have to say about this i'll let you know my fav ones
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      1) The Big Bang Theory (the best characters; although this new current season is not as good as the previous seasons; season 2 was the best season IMHO)

      2) Two and a Half Men (with Charlie Sheen; the new guy they have named Ashton is horrible)

      3) Late Night with Craig Furgeson (the best of the late night shows)

      4) Two Broke Girls (Kat Dennings is sooooooooooo lovely)

      5) Victorious (some very good young comic actors)

      6) Around the Horn (ESPN)

      Kat Dennings (as George Takei would say, "Oh My!")
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    Game Of Thrones
    Modern Family
    Two And Half Men (Not Ashton)
    All CSI

    Ummmm, can't think right now
    PS. Past or present?
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    the goodies, but havent noticed it on screen for a wee while
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      Big Bang Theory, although I agree, it's very much hit or miss this season. I hope it gets better as they have just been picked up for 3 more seasons

      Then there's Dexter of course (get em Dexter!)

      Some I do watch but not as avidly as the top two: Modern Family, Simpsons, House

      I'm so glad the list is a lot shorter now
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    Ha, don't make me pull out my trump card!


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    The lost episode...

    Wally: Beave, dad's gonna clobber you for sure this time.
    Beaver: Not when I tell him it was all Eddie's idea.
    Wally: Don't be so sure, Beaver. You can't blame Eddie for everything.
    Beaver: Why not, he's usually guilty.
    Wally: Good point. How'd you get so smart, Beaver?

    Eddie barges into the room.

    Eddie: What's up girls? Hey Beaver, I saved your life today. I ran over a sh*t eating dog on the way over.

    Beaver looks Wally straight in the eye.

    Wally: Go for it Beave...
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    i like to watch reality show on tv
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      Okay, if you're talking current series (because a lot of this stuff posted you'll
      never get to see again if your life depended on it) I don't watch a lot of current
      TV but there are a few that I am into.

      Big Bang Theory
      Criminal Minds
      NCIS LA
      Desperate Housewives

      That's all I watch.

      Desperate Housewives is not only the best show on TV right now but having its
      best, in what is going to be its last, season.

      The show is no longer a dramady, at least not like it used to be. It has
      become quite a serious show and appears destined to go off with quite a few
      tears falling.

      I am truly going to miss these 4 women who, at the beginning, I almost
      detested because of how self centered they were.

      But over the years, we began to see another side to all of them. And
      suddenly, they became quite human and sympathetic.

      Probably not since Lost will I miss a show going off the way I will miss this one.

      There is only one episode left until the series finale.

      I plan on buying a large supply of Kleenex.

      ** EDIT ** Forgot Dr. Who only because it's not on right now.
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    Off the top of my head...My faves by the decade:

    50s -
    Sgt Bilko
    Leave it to Beaver

    Mchale's Navy
    Gilligan's Island

    Rockford Files



    2 1/2 Men

    ??? I need to find me a good show.

    And my favorite of all time: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I miss Johnny.
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    Johny Carson was the best. No once since has come close.
    He was an amateur magician and during his time he had all the grat magicians of the times on. A genuine decent human being.

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    Oh my my .. Guys you have one heck of a list here in this thread and im quite stunned to see so many oldies goldies from the past in this thread.

    Well i guess i'm not into oldies because i'm quite new myself so ill share some new tv series with you people and i hope you will find them interesting.

    Prison Break (Most Fav one)
    Dexter (Getting Better)
    Spartacus (Season 1 is the best)
    24 (All Seasons)
    Touch (New)
    The Big Bang Theory (Getting Better and Better)
    Grey's Anatomy (All Seasons)
    Game of Thrones (All Seasons)
    NCIS (All Seasons)
    How I Met Your Mother (All Seasons)
    Fringe (All seasons)
    Criminal Minds (Getting Better)
    The Vampire Diaries (Getting Better)
    Supernatural (Getting Better)
    Rome (All Seasons)

    Well this List will go on and on but ill put these names for now. I've seen each and every season mentioned above in my post. I suggest these to you

    No Links

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    My favorite TV series are
    Family Guy
    Desperate Housewives
    American Horror Story
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    Hawaai five-o

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    some of my all time favorite tv shows are

    Family Guy
    Fear Factor
    American Idol and
    Desperate Housewives
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