Do you guys still playing games?!

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Do you guys still playing games?! i was wondering we at this age are still fond of games like once we did in are childhood :rolleyes:
come on name the game most recently you have played, whatever dude
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    I'm 30 years old and one of the things I love to do when I have enough time its to play Atari... my parents gave me 23 years ago (I just had to take to repair a few times)

    My favorite game is "posterman"


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    I am only 24 year old & i love to play kiddo games.I love to play all type of games.
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    the only game i play regularly is Fifa 2012 when I visit a friend. Its not that i dont like playing games, but when you get older you realise its a waste of time if you havent got other areas in your life sorted out. and buying new games is a waste of money when it could go towards more important things. But I'll always play my NES even if its not often these days and plan to finish off my collection one day...
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    once a gamer - always a gamer

    why abandon something you liked once? the only reason is cause you don't like todays games but thats wrong cause there are a ton of games around to choose.

    i will play and design games untill the day i die i think. the hard part is to not get stuck in a game for days/weeks cause it makes you not productive, i have to keep a tight schedule to enjoy a game nowadays.
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    Ya i am little bit playing NFS Most wanted....
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    I'm 20 years old and I play games everyday.
    My most favorite game is "Battlefield".
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    chesterfield rugby is my favourite
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    Well, I LOVE to play flipper games! Not on my computer but the real deal! It's totally awesome and I played it a lot when I was a kid because we had them on our school.
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    I'm just 21 and I play IGI everyday.
    This one is my favorite. basically I love video games
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    Yep. Still do and I don't think I'll ever stop
    It depends on the time I have though... And when it comes to World of Warcraft it's weird, there are periods I play a lot, then I won't have any desire to play it sometimes for months, then it'll come back...
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      I have loved gaming since the ZX Spectrum days. (1982) I remember coding my new ZX for 3 days to see a ball bounce across the screen.
      Its amazing how much technology has come on.

      I'm not just a old stick in the mud and watch balls bounce across the screen, i do play my sons Xbox.
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    I like paying games and watching cartoons as well.

    People tend tell me that cartoons are for kids, but I don't care, I do what I enjoy.
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    I like puzzle game!
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    I'm 27 and I still play games.

    World of Tanks
    Crusader Kings 2
    Tropico 4
    Silent Hunter 4

    And the list goes on. I never "grew up" I'm still a kid at heart lol.
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    Waiting patiently for May 15th.
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    Like to think of my money making efforts as a 'game' - everything I do is D&D all over again but with less Paladins. Still quite a few Wizards and Thieves though

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      Originally Posted by mrmarketer1 View Post

      Like to think of my money making efforts as a 'game' - everything I do is D&D all over again but with less Paladins. Still quite a few Wizards and Thieves though

      I feel weird hitting the "thanks" button just because you made me laugh.. Maybe thanks for making me laugh?

      Can we get a 'like' button here as well?!
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    Yes, and I can't wait for Diablo 3
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      Originally Posted by DaisySibyl View Post

      Yes, and I can't wait for Diablo 3
      That's exactly why I said.. "Patiently waiting for May 15th".

      Already pre-ordered and have the game downloaded. Waiting for those servers to go live!

      Rollin' out with the Barbarian.. you?
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    Games are liked by almost all the people as games are good for entertaining and for fun. laying games also refresh your mood and mind.
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    Historically, games were way to build up cruial skills in children so they were much easier and seen as fun when they are adults. Now I don't know about you guys but at 29, I still rememebr some of the lessons I've learned.

    1. Never hit anyone. They'll either get mad, turn into a shell and knock you down, or vaporize you with the lastest laser.

    2. Listen to the old folks. They know what's going on in the game and ignoring them will only end up in tears or you down in a ditch.

    3. You take up any and every weapon you come across (Like swords or knowledge) It'll come in handy later on. Guaranteed.

    4.The princess (or prince) is always in another castle and some short dorky dude will always let you know you just missed them.

    5. Find your safe haven. When you're feeling low and down in the dumps or even weak, your haven will cure you and give you a hint on what to try next.

    6. Find the Know-it-all. You can't finish anything without visiting the wise one at least once.

    7. Strange, mind altering substances are always bad for you in the end. Period.

    8. You do something good and you'll be rewarded. It may not be what you want, but it's always something you need.

    9. If you fall into fissure or get knocked around by the bad guys, get up. Get up and keep going. If you fall again, rinse and repeat. The only thing that should stop you is death. Unless you found that extra 1UP then you pop that thing and keep moving. It'll surprise the heck out of the ones that tried to knock you down and you'll be able to defeat them easily.

    10. Always be kind the the little quiet guy. Offer assistance. Cause when it comes the the end of the world, you'll be the first they help out and you'll both succeed.

    Hope this puts a little cheer into someone's day and you can apply it anywhere, whether it be Legend of Zelda, Tetris or the Warrior Forum.

    Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts…
    …that's what little girls are made of – to Hell with sugar and spice. —Unknown—

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    Planning on cutting down on the pixels in the near future though. It's been eating up way too much of my time ever since I first touched a keyboard.
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    I wish I could have time to play the old games. Nowadays I enjoy playing PS with my kids.
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    I still play games...i don't know what's wrong about it...
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    Yes, I am still playing games, it is must-have for extra time. I do enjoy it for relaxation.

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    well, i am 23 years old and luckily i still love playing MMO but never affect my duty and jobs anyway
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    I am 32+ and i love playing PC games. Totally into it. Can't remember a day without playing one!
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    All time game lover!

    Finished my ff13 in 106 hour 100% trophies taken!
    It just felt like i had completed myself back then.
    Felt so contented
    As if nothing was important any more.

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    yes u like Silent Hunter
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    Yeah, I am still playing games to deal with my over loaded stress and getting entertainment myself in my free times. I am still play my childhood favorite game Super Mario continuously more then 4 hours.
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    i love to play games . i mostly play GTA vice city,GTA san andreas, and how can i forget my childhood game super mario. that one is my favourite game. they are part of our entertainment and helps us to get out form our stressed life .
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    Hello! I do play games. Online games that is. I never really get to go out oftentimes so I often play at the computer since that's where I'm always at. So yeah, I still play games at this stage in my life.
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    I do!
    I play games whenever I get bored working on something..
    I still need to install new games though.. Any recommendations..?
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    I am 26 years old and still play. I like to play cricket.
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    Twenty five year old retrogamer.

    I have almost fifty NES games and two NES consoles, one a front loader and one a top loader (yes, they made one of those for a year). Got two more front loaders on the way. I also have an N64, a PS3 and a 3DS. Plus a slew of old PC games.

    Currently playing Skyrim on PS3 and Metroid on the NES.

    Some people say I'm wasting my life away at them. I say I'm relaxing and that there are much worse things I could be doing with my free time. Like watching network TV.
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    FIFA 12 online a few games a week. Great fun. 30 mins tops. I can't justify any more time than that on games.

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    I used to play for a couple of hours at a time years ago..but I would always feel guilty about it afterwards....I could have gone to the gym, played a sport or just met some friends instead of playing a computer game. It's not healthy I.M.H.O. and I'd never go back to it. Although sometime sI am tempted I never give in.

    Even at my 30 minutes a week now I feel a bit guilty. But it's not too bad.

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    Up until about 32 or so, I would have marathon sessions of Madden and NCAA football. I really only ever played sports games. I haven't purchased either in years and my PS3 now serves mainly as a media streamer. I just lost the interest.

    That and I agree with everything sloanjim just said above me.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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    Call me old fashioned, but I am rather partial to a game or two of pinball.


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    yes i like to play games because it is good time pass,,my favorite game is silent hunter, mario bross
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    Yes that a part of my bonding moments with my son...
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    Yes, whenever I get a leisure time I use to play Call of duty 4 in Xbox. Sometimes I use to play on my PS3 as well.
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