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Hello Fellow Warriors,

Based on my years experience one thing I have learned is that Warriors are a GIVING GROUP.

They give of their Knowledge, Time and even sometimes money to help other people.

A few months ago we were riding in the mountains of Northern Thailand and saw over 250,000 people living in GRASS HUTS. They couldn't even afford a Bike to get around with... and it started driving me crazy... sooo many people that need help but sooo few people willing.

Sooo I decided to do something... and that something is we have created a website where we are GIVING AWAY our main product in an effort to motivate others to help others in need.

This product sells on-line for $3,997.00 and more.

What we would like to invite our fellow warriors to do if they want is to donate a product or service and we will add it to The Big Giveaway Website.

We expect this website to go VERY VIRAL giving you and your product or service great exposure.

We have Press Releases ready to go out along with doing some Radio and TV interviews and gigs.

If you have ever heard of the Pay It Forward movement which I love... this is something simular.

If you have something of value that you want to put on the website contact us via e-mail.

This would also be a great way for you to help local charities in your community to earn needed funds.

Check it out at:

Free Vacation Club Membership - The Big Giveaway

Let us know your thoughts.


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    Originally Posted by RogerAderholdt View Post

    Let us know your thoughts.

    Hi Roger,

    A couple quick thoughts:

    1. This thread probably belongs in the JV forum.

    2. The photo of you on the front page is a lovely photo, but it makes you look like royalty. And that can be off-putting when you're asking for money. A picture of you with the kids would work much better.

    3. You need to explain higher up in the copy how it works. I kept thinking, "how does this help the kids?" I almost ditched. I would have ditched if I was just casually reading it. People want to know how it works and what the "catch" is, so you need to tell them that upfront.

    In other words, the copy needs to be re-arranged, tightened and made more clear.

    4. Option #3 is going to strike some people as odd. If I wanted to give money to a charity, I'm just going to give it to charity. I'm not going to send it to you first and then have you give it to the charity of my choice. It doesn't make sense.

    Because option 3 is odd that way, it could raise a skeptical eyebrow on the whole venture. Cast a bit of a suspicious shadow, ya know? (Especially when you have a photo of you that looks like you're royalty. )

    Just a few thoughts. Might want to tweak before you go live, because the page as-is will likely evoke a very "hmmmm" reaction in some readers.

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    Thanks Becky for your valuable input.
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