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What made you want to work online? With me, I have always been fascinated with the internet and have always like sales, although I'm a manager by trade the intrigue of working on line full time keeps me going. :-)

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    for me the real kicker was having no one to answer too but yourself...

    also it was a progressive thing for me since i was a web developer to begin with i kinda thought to myself why should i make these sites for clients and make them a ton of money, when i can build these sites for myself and make myself a ton of money instead!
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    I hate commuting!
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    Something esle to do with other than the full time job!

    Just interested to see how people make money online.
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    it gives you freedom on another level... no boss, no travel (to the office that is), work your own hours, open to the whole world!

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    You can do it from home.
    Freedom and independence.
    Set your own hours.
    It's interesting and different.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Because it was so easy that the whole process was fascinating. That's been a long time ago. Now the major corporations of America are trying to take over and squeeze me out.

    When you strive for greatness you will find that having a professional collaborator at your side can turn all the fuzzy preaching into writing that is smooth as silk and right as rain. http://www.talewins.com/LinStone.htm

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      When I first heard that Al Gore invented the internet and a whole new world order for marketing, I was intrigued. Never looked back since.
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    Having contol of my life, not having to worry about downsizing, no buy outs, actually this could take a long time. Lets just say Freedom.

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    Someone asked me to send them a training manual through email! Then when I was a Training Director, I approved all the billing for online training (around 15K a month) and thought, I could do it as good or better! Now I have online and offline businesses and can take a break from traveling to play around on forums and learn new marketing strategies!
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    For me,

    it was wanting to make more money, not having a boss, mainly just freedom. Smooth sailing from then on out!
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    I do not have a boss AND I can access my "office" while sitting in the loo...
    Thats pretty much it.
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    I just loved the prospect of sitting glued to a computer 15 hours a day and waking up with little squares imprinted all over my face from falling asleep on my keyboard.

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    It is because I can reach out to a lot more people than I would if there was no internet at all !

    Cool tips and articles exclusively on

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    I've wanted to own my own business and become financially independent from the first day of my first job (which was McDonald's by the way).

    I really look forward to the day that I can quit my job and rely totally on my own efforts to provide income!
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    ~ The only regrets in life arise from the risks you never took ... Jason Aurelius Sawicki
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    I actually got paid off from my job about 6 months ago and turned to the internet to find a way to make money and it turns out getting laid off was the best thing that ever happend to me.
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    Graduated and got laid off from investment banking before I even started...thanks economy...hello internet
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    The extreme $ potential and the fact that there is virtually no limit to how much money we can make. We are only limited by our action, or lack of it. We can have as many sites as we desire.
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    Being able to work for yourself and on your own time.
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    I guess it all depends on ourselves
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      Originally Posted by xaralee View Post

      I guess it all depends on ourselves
      I agree, it really all depends to ourselves whether we like working on the Internet or working in an office with other employees. And i think that it is only fair to say that both can be done at the same time. Working in the office by day at the same time working on the net by night.

      Added income... but on the net, there's no boss to contradict, order, and demand something from you.
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    anything for money
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    It's easy
    It's simpel
    And not many people know that it actually works, in my enviroment then.
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    It was nice but you should provide more information.
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